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Mobile TV Show Recording On Qualcomm FLO TV

Those of you who have subscribed to AT&T Mobile TV or Verizon’s V Cast Mobile TV have a reason to rejoice. Qualcomm, the popular chip maker has revealed that the company shall be announcing major upgrades to their FLO TV service that will, among other things also let users record mobile TV shows off the air.

The Associated Press writes,

“The video-recording feature will let them watch shows when they like. The company will also let viewers buy service by the day, rather than committing to subscriptions that cost $10 to $15 per month for a package of a dozen channels”

Additionally, Qualcomm is also reported to be working on offering interactive services via the FLO TV service that will enable users to click and view information about the various TV shows apart from viewing ads and purchasing products from the FLO TV service. Existing users shall get access to the service through software upgrades.

[via AP]

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