ZodTTD Unveils Android PSX Emulator

ZodTTD, the developer of the popular Playstation game console emulator for iPhone has unveiled a new Sony Playstation 1 emulator for the Android platform. The emulator works only on Android 2.x versions and needs the hardware to run on powerful processors such as SnapDragon or Cortex A8. Also, the frame rate is not as seamless as it should be and falls short of the desired 60fps. Despite this, the development is a great beginning and expect some quick version upgrades to make the emulator much more efficient.

The latest release from ZodTTD was built in partnership with the developers of NES emulator, Nesoid and Gameboy advance emulator, Gameboid. While most of the framework is presumed to be done, the emulator is still not ready for launch though. The current version of the emulator is built on top of the Gameboid skin which is expected to be replaced with a Sony Playstation 1 skin before the final release.

[via Ubergizmo]

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