Prices of Gaming Consoles To Drop Soon?

I know this would come as a shock more than a surprise to many avid gamers. Analysts are predicting the prices of all the leading consoles – PS3, Xbox and Wii to go down this year. The one leading in this row is Microsoft who definitely wishes to implement some price cuts as analysts report. This can be attributed to the fact that Xbox was not a big favourite among gamers during Christmas. Although Microsoft apparently posted a 21 percent increase in the revenues of XBox during the last three months of the previous year, it is likely that the price of Xbox would be cut down from 400$ to 300$.

If XBox were to go ahead with this move after a decline in sales (which could happen any time after June), the other big gaming corporations would automatically follow suit. Although Sony might want to reduce the price of PS3 consoles readily, Nintendo is likely to wait on Wii’s price cut for it is also launching 3DS, the costliest portable entertainment console ever.