Price Of Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Tab In Germany Announced

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has now launched in Germany and according to a press statement released by Samsung, the device shall be available at a price of €799. That’s close to $1106 in US Dollar terms and will bring an unlocked SIM-free version of the powerful Android tablet that is seen by many as the best Android alternative to the iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is supported over 3G as well as Wi-Fi connections. While the unlocked version should be a good bet for those looking to connect solely via Wi-Fi, there are better options to choose from if you are also looking to connect to a 3G network. As reported earlier this month, O2 Germany have announced their own monthly installment plans for the Galaxy Tab that will offer the new device to users at a monthly payment of €27.50 along with a two year contract. That accumulates to just €759 over a two year period which is definitely a better deal. But do remember that the monthly data plans are separately billed.