Price Of Sony Google TV & Blu-ray Player Dropped For Holiday Season

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season in many countries including the United States and Sony has announced a massive discount on some of its attractive offerings just in time for the season.

Starting now and lasting until November 29, customers looking to buy a 40″ NSX-40GT1 HDTV from Sony can get one at $899.99 that is $100 less than the original price. Also, the 46″ NSX-46GT1 HDTV shall now be available at a price of $1,199.99 that is a huge $200 price-drop.

This is not all. Those of you looking for a NSZ-GT1 Google TV Blu-ray player too will see some nice offers. The player is now available for $299.99; a good 25% price drop from its original price. The price also pits the Google TV Blu ray player against the Logitech Revue that is available at the same price as well.