Samsung Galaxy Tab Price In Germany Revealed

Now it was always rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab may not come cheap and it could be priced quite exorbitantly. Now, if there were any doubts that this would not be the case, they were quashed today as the Amazon has put up the new Android tablet device up for sale for its German customers at a pretty high price of €799. That translates roughly to $1,030 in the American market.

The new 7″ Android 2.2 device has been receiving pretty rave reviews and there are already hints for the Samsung tablet to offer a significant competition to Apple’s iPad that has run without too much competition until now. However, at such a high unsubsidized cost, the sale of tablet computers can take a hit. While subsidized rates are likely to be lower, it needs to be noted that a good number of customers would prefer an unsubsidized device that can be used as a Wi-Fi only unit without the need for a 3G connectivity.

Let’s hope Samsung revises the prices before the device launches officially in other parts of the world at least.