Verizon Palm Pre 2 Price On Best Buy Revealed

A spyshot of the Best Buy inventory system has once again revealed the imminent arrival of Palm Pre 2 on Verizon to the American market. It may be recalled that a Palm Pre 2 running on Verizon made its way to an eBay auction last month only to be pulled soon after.

The latest revelation also comes with details of price and other details. The Palm Pre 2 is expected to be available at $499.99 – and that’s without the contractual obligations. Of course, Verizon is expected to offer subsidized prices in return for a two year contract. Interestingly, the screenshot also provides a launch date that is set for December 30 that, quite evidently, didn’t happen. It is not clear if the launch itself has been delayed at the last moment or if this is simply a placeholder text waiting to be modified when details are finalized.

Palm Pre 2 on Verizon

In any case, what is evident is that the Palm Pre 2 is coming soon to the American market that should be happy news for readers from this region.