T-Mobile Motorola Charm Price Slashed – New Discounted Pricing Launched

If you haven’t got a Motorola Charm already, here is your chance to do so. T-Mobile has just announced a discounted pricing for the Android smartphone that brings the inexpensive $75 phone down to an even attractive price of $49.99. This comes with a two year contract with T-Mobile as expected and is already at the new price on stores in the US.

Motorola Charm is pretty much a value-for-money handset and comes with a 2.8-inches TFT touchscreen display along with a 3-megapixel camera, 2GB microSD card and Bluetooth & GPS connectivity.

Motorola Charm launched late last month after a month of delay due to battery issues. While we do not have any official numbers on how the device has fared so far in the market, you can assume that T-Mobile may not have sold as many units as they would have liked and consequently you see this drop in prices less than a month after launch.