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Price Of iPhone 4 At Sam's Club Drops To Under $150

Still undecided about what smartphone to go for this shopping season? How about an iPhone 4? Sam’s Club, it is learned, is offering brand new iPhone 4 units to customers at a price of $147. If you are looking for something cheaper than that, you could also check out the iPhone 3GS at $47. Of course, these prices come with usual caveats about signing a two year contract with AT&T.

Sam’s Club – a members-only retail chain in the United States operated by Wal-Mart – announced their foray into the iPhone segment few weeks back. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS units have until now been sold at the retail price of $199 and $99 respectively. The $52 cut in price is sure to get a lot of customers who are yet to finalize their Christmas purchases interested.

What about you? Are you buying one as well?

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