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iPad In Canada : Price And Data Plan Charges

As you know, Apple will be launching its tablet PC in Canada by the end of this month and pre-orders have already begun. But I wonder if the Canadian market is taken seriously at all by Apple and its Canadian carrier partner, Rogers. It makes more sense to jump across the border to get an iPad than buying it in your neighborhood. No, seriously.

Assuming you know the iPad price in US (which is between $499 and $829) and the AT&T charges (between $14.99 and $29.99), here are the corresponding prices for Canadian customers

iPad Wi-Fi only
16 GB : $549
32 GB : $649
64 GB : $749

iPad Wi-Fi and 3G
16 GB : $679
32 GB : $779
64 GB : $879

Rogers Data Plan Charges
250 MB per month : $15.00
5 GB per month : $35.00
Add Rogers to existing data plan : $20.00

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