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Preview of the Motorola Xoom Ad

A sneak preview of the Motorola Xoom advertisement is now available on youtube before it is going to be officially launched this Sunday at the Superbowl. The preview of the ad starts in the year 2011 and clocks back to 1984, ironically the year Apple’s Macintosh ad also appeared on TV. The ad further goes on to say that there are a lot of similarities between 2011 and 1984 when we get to see a few of the Xoom’s features flying around. The preview ends here showing the Motorola logo and a caption below which reads, “It’s time to live a free life“.

If you can remember, Motorola’s ads that one got to see at the CES 2011 also took a dig big time at Apple’s iPad. In that particular ad, iPad was called a giant iPhone and the latest one moves a step forward or should we say backwards.

Motorola has definitely made it a point to target Apple as far as their ads are concerned.

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