Pre-Order Motorola Droid Pro From Nov 9 – Launch Date Revealed

A couple of weeks back, we had reports that suggested that the Motorola Droid Pro, the upcoming Android offering from Verizon, could be launching on November 11. Now while this date remains unconfirmed unofficially till date, some leaked documents seem to suggest that the first batch of Droid Pro handsets could be out by this date.

According to information published on the documents, the Motorola Droid Pro could start being offered on pre-orders starting November 9 – that’s Tuesday next week. What more, though the official launch date seems to be November 18 (and not Nov 11 as earlier thought), there is also word that the pre-ordered phones could reach customers much earlier than the official launch date. That means the first shipment of Droid Pro devices are likely to be available around the 11th of this month.

Again, this is not gospel truth and just an interpretation of those leaked docs. Anyway, the dates are not far off and so wait for an official word from Verizon about this.