PlayStation Jailbreak Tool Price Drops To $99

PSJailbreak, the software that will enable PlayStation users to jailbreak their consoles will now be available at $99. The software was until now available at a price of $125. The jailbreak team has announced a number of major announcements that are likely to give a push to the sale of the jailbreak software which, we presume, may have seen a drop in recent times.

According to an announcement on the PSJailbreak blog, the developers have noted that apart from this price drop, they will also be making it possible for users to employ the PSDowngrade software an unlimited number of times. That means users may play 3D videos and online play using the 3.50 firmware and downgrade to play homebrew. The new updates to PSDowngrade and PSUpgrdader are noted to be free of charge. All future versions of PSJailbreak shall also be bundled with PSDowngrade free of charge.

You can purchase the jailbreak as well as downgrade software from the developer website here. Do you see the sales picking up with this price drop?

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