Planet Michael – New Free Online Game For Michael Jackson Fans Releases

Michael Jackson has been one of the most loved as well as reviled pop star in recent times and his death a year back shook up the internet, literally, as Google nearly went down giving in to frantic searches from people looking to know if their favorite star was dead.

Now 15 months on, a gaming development company, SEE Virtual Worlds, has announced the launch of Planet Michael – a massively multiplayer online game that is dedicated to MJ fans. USA Today writes,

“We put a focus on something that will truly allow fans to immerse themselves in a Michael Jackson-like universe or music-video-like world and interact with each other and then go on adventures and do gameplay stuff and socialize,” says Josh Gordon of developer SEE Virtual Worlds.

Think World of Warcraft— with no violence and more dancing. “The player is more apt to succeed in a situation using song, dance and adventure as opposed to violence,” Gordon says.

The gaming application is free to download for users and is open to players 13 years and above. You can check out the game yourself at And in case you are wondering, the website is Flash based so OS platforms that do not support it are exempt.