Play iTunes Music And Movies On TV With Roku

Popular digital video player, Roku has announced a partnership with the music locker service, MP3Tunes that will allow users to play music and movies purchased via iTunes on their television. This can be done by uploading music and video content from the users’ iTunes to an MP3Tunes locker. The new partnership will enable the Roku player to create an open SDK that will integrate with MP3Tunes locker API to interact with the videos and music uploaded by the user to their MP3tunes account. Consequently, you may stream music and video from your iTunes library on to your TV.

So does this cost money? Of course. For the time being though, users may get a $20 discount on Roku HD or Roku HD-XR along with a free, premium 50GB MP3tunes locker.

Sounds like a good deal? Chirp away in the comments.

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