Places Where Nano Ink Would Be Most Beneficial

Nano Ink is a revolutionary printing technology that alleviates many of the common problems associated with traditional printing methodologies. Nano Ink has a number of features that set it apart from other types of ink, making it useful in a wide variety of settings. The following situations are just some of those in which the use of Nano Ink would be beneficial.

High-Tech and Complex Graphics

When high-tech and complex graphics must be printed, Nano Ink is the ideal choice. Nano Ink consists of ultra-sharp dots which sharpen the overall image and don’t bleed, leaving precise, defined edges. Nano Ink also offers the widest gamut of CMYK colors, allowing for more color variations and truer richness to precisely match existing graphics printed on other materials and meet an organization’s need for consistent branding.

With the technologies possible on the Internet rapidly expanding, today’s corporations are making use of highly complex graphics to supplement content and brand their online presences. Most organizations prefer a consistent look and feel across all branded materials. Nano Ink makes it possible to transition the same rich graphics from the Web to their print media, providing an indistinguishable branding experience for clients and customers.

Printing on Non-Traditional Media

Even the glossy magazines you see on stands everywhere can benefit from Nano Ink. That’s because Nano Ink allows the media it’s printed on to retain its original characteristics—meaning no interference resulting from the paper type, bleeding, swelling and other after-printing effects that can reduce the quality of images and change the look or feel of the media it’s printed on.

Wedding invitations, for example, are often constructed of unique paper variations. Traditional ink options sometimes don’t mesh well with various textures and glosses, leaving strange-looking fonts and graphics. Likewise, an organization wanting to create stand-out business cards on a different type of card stock would benefit from the precision offered by Nano Ink. The characteristics of the paper types used in either case wouldn’t change—meaning there is no minimized gloss or loss of texture after the printing process, maintaining the integrity of the intended look and feel.

Green Tech and Environmentally Friendly Companies

Any organization placing an emphasis on environmental friendliness and green technologies will appreciate the eco-friendly nature of Nano Ink. Using Nano Ink for printed materials means low energy consumption and zero emissions, features well aligned with the goals of modern green-friendly corporations. The use of Nano Ink can help reduce a company’s overall energy consumption, which can push them closer to meeting industry regulations or company-specific emissions and environmental goals.

For instance, a bottled water company using Nano Ink to print packaging can include these energy and emissions savings in advertised calculations. Printed materials can also list the use of Nano Ink as an environmentally friendly initiative.

Cost-Cutting Initiatives

Not only is Nano Ink eco-friendly, but it’s budget-friendly as well with the lowest costs of any type of digital printing. Many industries are in flux and under pressure today to make the most of existing assets and resources, so any cost-cutting measure is a welcome alternative. A small publisher shifting all its printing to Nano Ink can realize cost savings that can be invested in other areas to push the company forward. Healthcare providers printing patient education materials can reduce the associated costs, alleviating some of the burden of rapidly rising costs for supplies and equipment.

These few examples provide some insight into the variety of benefits offered by Nano Ink and the various situations in which this new digital printing technology makes sense. There are hundreds of examples of situations in which Nano Ink can be beneficial to both consumers and corporations. Coupled with the environmental benefits and cost savings, Nano Ink is a logical solution for a vast array of printing needs.

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