PhoneUsage – Android App To Track Data, Call And Messages Volumes

Most carriers and mobile phone handsets these days come with native applications that will let you study your data and call usage information. However, professional third party apps always bring more user-friendly graphs and charts to drive home the same point. PhoneUsage, an Android app that lets you track usage of call minutes, text messages and data is one such application.

The app is free to download from the Android marketplace and comes with beautiful charts and figures to track your phone usage. Of course, since this app primarily tracks your history, you will need to use the app for a while before you can get insightful statistics. The app however doesn’t appear to be differentiating between in-network and out-of-network calls which means this alone cannot be your guide to check if you are crossing the usage limits.

PhoneUsage Android App

Nevertheless, the free app is otherwise pretty useful and you should check it out. And in case you also want the app to notify you when you are about to breach defined call or messaging limits, you can always go for the Pro version that costs £1.49 ($2.29). Use the QR Code below to download the free version.
PhoneUsage QR

[via Mobiputing]