Philips GoGear Connect Price And Features Revealed

Following on the footsteps of the Samsung Yepp, Philips, it appears, is planning to ditch its proprietary software platform to launch the next generation Philips GoGear Connect portable media player on the Android OS.

There are a few tidbits of information that is now known about the features. Primarily, this device will feature a 3.2-inches screen and come with 16GB of storage. Additionally, the battery life of the GoGear Connect is expected to be around 5 hours – that’s when you are going to play video like crazy. If you an audio-only person, expect the battery to last as long as 24 hours. While other routine features like FM player, touchpanel and a microSD slot expansion shall be offered, the GoGear Connect could also include a GPS functionality.

The price of this PMP is expected to be around €264.99 though international launch plans and prices are not known as yet.

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