Personalized Xbox 360 And Controllers From Colorware

There is nothing like personalizing your favorite gadgets with the colors of your choice. Colorware is a company that has been offering personalized skins and colors to popular electronic gadgets for a long time. The company has now announced that they have now included Microsoft XBox 360 S to their list of gizmos that they personalize.

You can now pick the color of your Xbox 360 from over 46 different color combinations. You may individually pick the color of your XBox’s body, faceplate, top, eject button, disc tray, accents, power button, USB door and controller.

And the price? Well, if you already own Microsoft’s XBox 360 S, then it is going to cost you $175. However, if you would like to order an XBox directly from Colorware, then the console is going to cost you $500. Not much if you think how much color these consoles can bring to your lives.

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