Huawei S7 Shipping Date Announced

Late last month, GoRumors had written about Huawei’s new tablet computer – the Huawei S7. The device compared pretty well with Dell’s Streak smartphone and as we had noted, though Dell Streak was going to be a popular choice based on its dimensions, processor speed and camera resolution, the Huawei S7 too scored well on … Continue reading “Huawei S7 Shipping Date Announced”

Best Laptops For Women – Which One Is Most Feminine?

This is a guest article by Stephaine Larsson. Stephaine is a professional laptop reviewer and writes for The whole theory about men, women and their differences takes too long to digest, and write. The basic conclusion would be there ARE differences between a man and a woman’s taste. Especially when it comes to technology … Continue reading “Best Laptops For Women – Which One Is Most Feminine?”

BlackBerry Onyx Delta Technical Specifications

RIM is believed to be working on a new Blackberry device called Onyx Delta. While details regarding the device are still patchy at this point, it is rumored to be a remodelled version of Blackberry 9700. Blackberry Onyx Delta is supposed to be codenamed Blackberry 9700a. Here are the tech specs that is doing the … Continue reading “BlackBerry Onyx Delta Technical Specifications”

No Multitasking, Copy-Paste On Windows Phone 7

Apple has been ridiculed, abused and hated for the lack of critical features like multitasking on the iPhone. However, over the past two years, the company at least brought in copy-paste functionalities to the iPhone. Now, it seems like a similar story is set to unfold – with Microsoft. Rumors are that Windows Phone 7 … Continue reading “No Multitasking, Copy-Paste On Windows Phone 7”

Xerox Brings Behavioral Targeting To Television Advertising

Xerox, the leader in document management solutions has filed an intriguing patent recently. Titled “APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EMBEDDING COMMERCIALS”, the invention talks of a technology that will alter audio/video of a TV program in order to suit the tastes of the television viewer. Here are some excerpts from the patent which will be of … Continue reading “Xerox Brings Behavioral Targeting To Television Advertising”