Comex Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone To Release After iOS 4.3 Roll-Out

The iPhone Dev team is already working towards launching an untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 4.2.1. In case you have been wondering if an alternate solution is coming from Comex – the developer of Spirit and JailbreakMe softwares – the answer is No. In an email conversation with an iPhone user, Comex has said that … Continue reading “Comex Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone To Release After iOS 4.3 Roll-Out”

iOS 4.3 Rolling Out On Thursday?

When exactly is the new iOS 4.3 releasing? We had been expecting the upcoming iOS version to initially roll out in “mid-December“. However, reports published at the fag end November suggested that this release may have been delayed until next year. Now reports from new sources seem to be indicating that the release may actually … Continue reading “iOS 4.3 Rolling Out On Thursday?”

iOS 4.3 Release Date & New Features Rumors

After several delays, it was just yesterday, quite literally, that the new iOS 4.2.1 was released to the public. However, the rumor mills have already moved on to the next big update. According to a fresh report, Apple could be releasing its next big update for the iOS platform, the iOS 4.3, as early as … Continue reading “iOS 4.3 Release Date & New Features Rumors”

Mobile Hotspot For AT&T iPhone To Come With iOS Update?

With Verizon having announced the availability of the mobile hotspot feature on their upcoming iPhone, there has been considerable speculation over whether this functionality shall also be available on GSM carriers like AT&T. According to a Netherlands based iPhone blog, a reliable insider has revealed that Apple is working towards releasing a new iOS update … Continue reading “Mobile Hotspot For AT&T iPhone To Come With iOS Update?”

New iOS Update Release Date Delayed Till 2011

Sometime last week, there was a rumor that suggested that Apple could be releasing the next version of the iOS – version 4.3 – as early as mid-December. The sources pointed out that the release could bring in-app subscriptions and several bug fixes to the iPhone platform. Now there is word that this rumor may … Continue reading “New iOS Update Release Date Delayed Till 2011”

Verizon iPhone 4 Successfully Jailbroken

The jailbreak for Verizon iPhone 4 is available. Its only been a couple of days that Verizon customers are receiving their pre-ordered iphone 4, that a jailbreak for the same has been released by the Chronic Dev team. This new release is an update to Dev team’s own GreenPoison. This update is available to all … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Successfully Jailbroken”

All GeoHot iPhone Jailbreaks In One Place – New Site Launches

George Hotz, the famous iPhone jailbreaker who is more commonly called GeoHot has released a new website called Ra1nb0wra1n that serves to showcase all of GeoHot’s iOS exploits from one place. Visiting the website will let users check through iOS exploits like Purplera1n, Blackra1n, Limera1n besides linking to Apple TV app emulator, console reboot, tethered … Continue reading “All GeoHot iPhone Jailbreaks In One Place – New Site Launches”

Proximity Sensor On iPad 2 – What Does This Mean?

A new nifty piece of code discovered in the iOS 4.3 beta firmware has revealed that the next generation of iPad could come with a proximity sensor. Traditionally, proximity sensors have been employed on touchscreen phones to disable multitouch functions while making a phone call. Not surprisingly, the availability of a proximity sensor on an … Continue reading “Proximity Sensor On iPad 2 – What Does This Mean?”

No Home Button On Next Generation iPhone & iPad?

As you must have heard by now, Apple has seeded a beta version of iOS 4.3 with developers. Among the several enhancements this new iOS update offers, one interesting inclusion is that of several new multitouch gestures that let users to “pinch to home screen“, “swipe up to reveal multitasking tray“, “swipe left/right to switch … Continue reading “No Home Button On Next Generation iPhone & iPad?”