Verizon iPhone 4 Online Pre-Orders Ceased

Yes, within 17 hours, Verizon closed its on pre-ordering option on their online store owing to the huge response from customers. According to reports, almost 700,000 users could be awaiting the release of their new iPhones from Verizon. Verizon has reported that this is their biggest and the most successful first day sale of any … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Online Pre-Orders Ceased”

Price Of Wireless Hotspot For Verizon iPhone 4 Announced Officially

Verizon Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam had recently confirmed speculations about the unlimited data plan on the upcoming CDMA iPhone. Now, the carrier has further confirmed another important detail with respect to the pricing plan – the cost of the mobile hotspot feature that will be available on Verizon iPhone. According to a recent statement … Continue reading “Price Of Wireless Hotspot For Verizon iPhone 4 Announced Officially”

Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Goes On Air

In case you didn’t know yet, Apple will be launching the first CDMA variant of their iPhone 4 next month. Starting February 10, customers in the United States will be able to purchase a Verizon iPhone 4 that will run on the new CDMA chip. This has been an amazingly long wait given that a … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Goes On Air”

Verizon iPhone 4 Accessories Launch From Case Mate

Case Mate is among the most popular third party accessory manufacturer for the iPhone. Following the announcements yesterday from Verizon, Case Mate has announced a new line of iPhone cases that will be sold to Verizon iPhone 4 customers when the device goes on sale next month. The accessory manufacturer has come with a number … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Accessories Launch From Case Mate”

Verizon iPhone 4 Vs. AT&T iPhone 4 – What’s New?

As expected, Verizon announced the new CDMA variant of the iPhone at their media event yesterday. The device is expected to go on pre-0rders in the United States starting February 3 and will launch on Apple and Verizon stores on February 10th. So what is changing with the new launch? Here is a roundup New … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Vs. AT&T iPhone 4 – What’s New?”

Verizon iPhone 4 Price To Be Higher Than AT&T’s?

All eyes are now set on the Verizon media event that is scheduled for later today when the carrier is expected to make the highly anticipated announcement regarding the launch of a CDMA iPhone on their network. There are already speculations that Verizon could be announcing unlimited data plans for iPhone users in a bid … Continue reading “Verizon iPhone 4 Price To Be Higher Than AT&T’s?”

Pictures Of White iPhone 4 On Verizon “Leak”

In the three years that the iPhone has existed, there must have been several dozen Verizon iPhone rumors. Of course, this time, the likelihood for such a phone to launch are pretty bright. We hear AT&T is no longer promoting the iPhone as aggressively as it once used to. But recently leaked pictures do not … Continue reading “Pictures Of White iPhone 4 On Verizon “Leak””