Sony Xperia Play on Orange and T-Mobile in UK

We know that the Sony Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone is being unveiled at the Mobile World congress in Barcelona on 13th February. The phone is going to be available in the UK markets via Orange and T-Mobile and if the rumors are true, one can get to lay their hands on this wonderful … Continue reading “Sony Xperia Play on Orange and T-Mobile in UK”

LG Wants Sony PS3 To Be Banned in US

Can we imagine America without PS3? Scary, is it not? Apparently LG, the third largest manufacturer of televisions in the world have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese giant Sony for having infringed patents of LG. LG is alleging Sony of infringing four patents of theirs as far which include the televisions. Along with the … Continue reading “LG Wants Sony PS3 To Be Banned in US”

Sony PS3 Hackers Being Hunted?

Sony is cracking its whip on the hackers and jailbreakers of PS3. While a few days ago, hacker George Hotz and the hacker group failoverflow were hunted by Sony for hacking into the security of Sony PS3. Sony have even have a restraining order against Hotz, but it looks like they don’t want to stop … Continue reading “Sony PS3 Hackers Being Hunted?”

Sony NGP To Be Priced At 350$?

The prototype of Sony NGP was unveiled last week in Tokyo and it was evident that Sony was coming up with its answers to Nintendo’s 3DS. Also called the PSP2, it was earlier rumored that this second generation PSP was going to be priced at 300$. But now, fresh rumors are doing rounds and there … Continue reading “Sony NGP To Be Priced At 350$?”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on Feb 13

This is official. Sony Inc. has announced the launch of its Xperia Play on the 13th of February. This announcement has been made by Sony on their facebook page and there has also an advertisement that confirms the same. Sony Ericsson Xperia play is the new generation smartphone from Sony which will run on Google’s … Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on Feb 13”

Sony eBook Store Blocked on iOS App Store

According to a report published in The New York Times, Apple has blocked Sony‘s Reader application that lets users read and buy ebooks from other online stores. Apple has told Sony that no purchases outside the App store were going to be entertained and any purchase was to only go through Apple, revealed Steve Haber, … Continue reading “Sony eBook Store Blocked on iOS App Store”

Sony NGP To Hit Markets This Year

Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s 3DS is here – Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP). Only a rumor up to now, Sony’s NGP has finally become a reality with its announcement on January 26 in Tokyo. With Nintendo set to launch it’s next generation portable 3DS on March 27, Sony’s announcement would only mean that the gaming … Continue reading “Sony NGP To Hit Markets This Year”

Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone – Prototype Finally Unveiled

A prototype of the Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone has been finally previewed. After months of speculation, videos of the phone’s prototype have been unveiled. Called the Xperia Play , this phone has mixed Sony’s beloved PSP (Play Station Portable) into the smart phone. According to the released videos, the gamepad of this phone is being … Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone – Prototype Finally Unveiled”

Sony PlayStation Suite For Android Phones Unveiled

Sony today unveiled its latest mobile gaming platform aimed at Android devices. Called the PlayStation Suite, the new mobile gaming platform will let Android users buy, download and play PSP games on their mobile phones. According to Sony, the PlayStation Suite is basically an emulator for Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above. Along with the emulator, … Continue reading “Sony PlayStation Suite For Android Phones Unveiled”

Sony PSP2 Specs As Powerful as PlayStation 3

Sony is yet to officially announce its new portable gaming console, but we all know it is in the works. With competition from the likes of Nintendo heating up, Sony has to outdo itself to stay among the most preferred handheld gaming device manufacturers. According to a new report, the upcoming PSP2 console could be … Continue reading “Sony PSP2 Specs As Powerful as PlayStation 3”