New Microsoft Kinect Live Users Chat With Avatar Kinect

Microsoft is learned to have developed a new application called Avatar Kinect that could be made available with the next XBox update. Avatar Kinect, from what we hear, is a way for XBox Live avatars to interact among themselves in a “chat room“. To put it in another way, Avatar Kinect is a video chat … Continue reading “New Microsoft Kinect Live Users Chat With Avatar Kinect”

Microsoft Windows TV Set Top Box To Take On Apple TV & Google TV

Microsoft is expected to make a significant announcement during CES 2011 that will see the company unveil its new Windows-based set top box that will take on Apple and Google in the web-based set top box space. The product could be named Windows TV and will basically be a stripped-down version of the Windows OS … Continue reading “Microsoft Windows TV Set Top Box To Take On Apple TV & Google TV”

Microsoft Kinect For PC Coming Soon?

Kinect, the massively popular gesture based motion controller that recently reported the sale of its 4 millionth unit could be coming to the PC soon. This speculation is courtesy a Korean game developer – GamePrix – who have announced that their newly launched PC-based MMORPG; Divine Souls will support gaming pads that will make it … Continue reading “Microsoft Kinect For PC Coming Soon?”

New Microsoft Bing Social Gaming Platform In The Making

Software giant Microsoft could well become the first company to have social games running on their search engine. Their search engine Bing would soon be hosting the social game “Happy Island” and from doing this the company thinks that it will be proving its innovative talent in the sector. The company apparently came up with […]

Play Neosaurs – Microsoft’s Browser-Based MMORPG

Microsoft, it appears, has forayed into the MMORPG development business. The company has launched Neosaurs – a browser based multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG) that has been developed in partnership with Camelot Media Investments who are already a significant player in the MMORPG arena. Neosaurs is currently in beta mode and requires users to sign … Continue reading “Play Neosaurs – Microsoft’s Browser-Based MMORPG”

Chevron WP7 Unlocker Tool Pulled After Microsoft Negotiations

The iOS jailbreak community has often been viewed as rebels who have challenged Apple’s attempts to curb the limitations of the software. Apple’s strategy to deal with the jailbreakers doesn’t seem to have impressed many as the two have been engaged in a cat and mouse game as far as jailbreaking is concerned. With the … Continue reading “Chevron WP7 Unlocker Tool Pulled After Microsoft Negotiations”

New Microsoft TV Over XBox To Take On Apple TV & Google TV?

Microsoft is reported to be in talks with a number of media companies over bringing a subscription based web TV service to Xbox consoles that could give the company an effective tool to fight Google and Apple in the new web television space. Sources have indicated that under the new plan, subscribers will pay a … Continue reading “New Microsoft TV Over XBox To Take On Apple TV & Google TV?”

Microsoft Game Hub Makes Casual Gaming Social

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new social gaming portal called the Microsoft Game Hub that primarily integrates three of the company’s offerings – Bing Games, MSN Games and Windows Live Messenger. The company had to rebuild the MSN Games section while updating the Live Messenger to integrate the offering. Bing Games has been … Continue reading “Microsoft Game Hub Makes Casual Gaming Social”

Microsoft Windows Vista – Four Years On

Microsoft Windows Vista – the operating system that has been known more for its malfunctioning and loopholes than the amazing new set of features that it came with is now four years old. It was in November 2006 that Microsoft released, what it called the “highest quality version of Windows that we’ve ever produced“, for … Continue reading “Microsoft Windows Vista – Four Years On”

Microsoft Kinect Facial Recognition Problem For Dark-Skinned Users

Does Microsoft Kinect have a problem in identifying dark skinned users? A few reviews from early adopters show that Kinect – the new webcam based motion controller for XBox 360 – may not be correctly identifying the facial patterns on dark skinned users. At the outset, this does not seem to be a major issue. … Continue reading “Microsoft Kinect Facial Recognition Problem For Dark-Skinned Users”