Apple is the World’s Biggest Firm

Come next year and Apple is going to become the world’s biggest and the most valuable firm in the world. According to analysts, Apple in 2012 is going to propel itself to the top which means Exxon, which at the moment is worth 263 billion dollars and at the top will have to slip to … Continue reading “Apple is the World’s Biggest Firm”

Is Apple Planning iPad 2.5 for Next Fall?

Apple enthusiast and writer John Gruber has mentioned on his website Daring Fireball that Apple may want to release the third generation next fall which would be six months from now. John Gruber opines that the release of HP TouchPad this summer is going to prompt Apple to bring the iPad 2 out this March … Continue reading “Is Apple Planning iPad 2.5 for Next Fall?”

Apple Online Store Relaunched

The Verizon iPhone 4 sales which were closed on the Apple online store has now been relaunched yesterday midnight again. The new iPhone 4 sale is now back online with Apple taking down its “be back soon notice”. This latest iPhone is now available through both Verizon and AT&T. US customers of the new Apple … Continue reading “Apple Online Store Relaunched”

Apple iPad 2 Now In Production

The Apple iPad 2 which is said to be having a complete makeover when compared to its predecessor is now in production. This recent news comes from the global news agency Reuters. According to reports by Reuters, the new iPad or the iPad 2 will have a faster processor and a slimmer look along with … Continue reading “Apple iPad 2 Now In Production”

Is Apple Making A Universal iPhone?

An analyst who has dissected the new iphone 4 from Verizon has suggested that the components found in the phone suggest that Apple can make a universal phone which can be used to run on any network. In order to make the iPhone available on Verizon, Apple has actually used a different cell chip along … Continue reading “Is Apple Making A Universal iPhone?”

Apple Softwares To Be Sold In Digital Only Format?

As of now, this is only a rumor – Apple is planning to get rid of all its boxed softwares from the shelves in their stores. MacRumors has reported that the move can come quicker than expected as Apple plans to make space for its most earning products rather than the softwares, which earn very … Continue reading “Apple Softwares To Be Sold In Digital Only Format?”

Google Android On the Rise, Overtakes Apple

In an earlier news, we reported that the Google OS has overtaken Nokia’s Symbian to become the world’s most popular phone OS. A dotcom report which was released yesterday suggests the same trend in the US market with Goolge leaping past everyone else in the smartphone business except America’s favourite smartphone – RIM’s Blackberry. But, … Continue reading “Google Android On the Rise, Overtakes Apple”

New Apple iPad 2 Rumors

The past few weeks have been abuzz with rumors about the specifications of Xoom, several other Android Honeycomb tablets and of course the iPad 2. Amidst all these, we have some more new Apple iPad 2 rumors. If the new buzz were to come true, the second generation iPad will be having NFC (Near Field … Continue reading “New Apple iPad 2 Rumors”

Apple Prepares 2 Million iPhones For Verizon Launch

So what, if Android is the most popular phone OS in the world? Apple has reportedly manufactured 2 million iPhones for its launch on Verizon. Interestingly, almost one-third of these units have been allocated to customers who would be pre-ordering online. And according to a few reports from market sources, Verizon pre-order sales are likely … Continue reading “Apple Prepares 2 Million iPhones For Verizon Launch”