Motorola Increasing The Security Of Its Android Phones – Buys 3LM

The security on Blackberry phones is impeccable, there is no doubting that. So, Motorola is planning to do the same with its Android phones – make them as secure as possible for which they have bought 3LM. 3LM is a security device developer that designs security softwares for Google’s Android based phones, thus making the … Continue reading “Motorola Increasing The Security Of Its Android Phones – Buys 3LM”

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 For Android 3.0

Android’s growing popularity is making everyone design products for the OS now. Adobe is planning to do a mobile compatible flash player for Android 3.0 based tablets. Flash Player 10.2 – the mobile version of the flash will be integrated into the hardware allowing it to decode the video which would save the battery power … Continue reading “Adobe Flash Player 10.2 For Android 3.0”

AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids

AT&T, which is heavily investing into Google’s Android based phones is coming up with a new social gaming platform for these phones. This move happens to come as AT&T has lost its monolpoly over the Apple iPhone. OpenFeint video game network, which develops social games that help users on different platforms play against each other … Continue reading “AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids”

Twitter 2.0 App For Android Phones

The Twitter app 2.0 for android based phones has been released. The new Twitter app 2.0 just comes in the wake of time as all the Android users up to now have been using third party applications that gave them options like Twidroid and Tweetdeck for staying updated. But, these third party applications were no … Continue reading “Twitter 2.0 App For Android Phones”

Blackberry Playbook To Run Android Apps

If rumors are to be believed, RIM is looking to implement Google’s Android apps on its Playbook, the new Blackberry tablet from RIM. According to reports, RIM, with the help of an in-built software is looking to run the 130,000 Android Apps on its upcoming tablet. The android App support for the Playbook is expected … Continue reading “Blackberry Playbook To Run Android Apps”

HTC Desire 2 Is Not on Android 2.4 ?

We are all aware by now that the much awaited HTC Desire 2 smartphone would be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. The pictures of the HTC Desire 2 appeared on the Android forum only to show that the smartphone is running on Android 2.3 and not the much speculated Android … Continue reading “HTC Desire 2 Is Not on Android 2.4 ?”

Sophos Antivirus Now On iOS and Android Phones

Sophos which offers enterprise security solutions has now launched the Sophos Mobile Control for mobile phones that run on Goolge’s Android OS and the iPhones. It has to be noted that Sophos does not offer any solutions for home based computers and only concentrates on enterprise solutions. This new mobile security is also for businesses … Continue reading “Sophos Antivirus Now On iOS and Android Phones”

Android Market Web Store Users Need Not Be Concerned Yet

We reported yesterday that there was possible malware or a spyware threat evident from the Android Market Web Store to its smartphone users. The security firm Sophos assessed the online Android web store and suggested that the acceptance mechanism associated with the store was flawed and could enable third party users to install spyware on … Continue reading “Android Market Web Store Users Need Not Be Concerned Yet”

Kyocera Echo Android Phone on Sprint

Sprint Nextel would be launching the Japanese product Kyocera Echo which is going to be the first dual screen smartphone. This dual screen phone would run on Google’s open OS Android 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. The dual screens on the phone slide over each other and can be snapped to give it a tablet’s look. The … Continue reading “Kyocera Echo Android Phone on Sprint”

Android 2.4 To be Released in April?

There were rumors going around the Android 2.4 version would be including features of Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Now, there are fresh rumors doing rounds that the Android 2.4 which was rumored to be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich would be released in the month of April. There is no news if Android 2.4 would be … Continue reading “Android 2.4 To be Released in April?”