3D Camera On Nintendo 3DS A Possibility

Ever since Sharp announced that it was launching a 3D camera module for mobile phones, speculations are rife that the technology could come available on the latest Nintendo 3DS. The speculations are not entirely baseless. Sharp and Nintendo have also been rumored to be in a partnership where the latter has been using Sharp’s glasses-free … Continue reading “3D Camera On Nintendo 3DS A Possibility”

Wikipedia Fundraising Ends – Celebrates A Decade Of Existence

Wikipedia has just ended their month and a half long fundraising efforts. The website now has a massive ‘Thank You‘ banner noting that this was “shortest fundraiser” the organization has ever had. What’s more, 2011 is also the tenth year since Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia as a community project. The website is now the fifth … Continue reading “Wikipedia Fundraising Ends – Celebrates A Decade Of Existence”

Sony PSP2 Developer Kit Released To Major Developers

There have been a lot of gossip about the launch of the new Sony PSP2. Early on, it was believed that Sony could be making an announcement about this during this year’s E3. When that did not happen, speculators pushed the launch to 2011. Now though Sony has remained tight-lipped about all this so far, … Continue reading “Sony PSP2 Developer Kit Released To Major Developers”

Nintendo DSi & DSI XL Prices To Be Slashed

At a time when Microsoft is learned to have raised the price of its XBox Live subscriptions, Nintendo has announced that the company is slashing down on the price of their consoles – DSi and DSI XL. Following this, the Nintendo DSi will now be available at $149.99 and the DSI XL at $169.99 in … Continue reading “Nintendo DSi & DSI XL Prices To Be Slashed”