Tweaked iPhone Puts Less Strain On AT&T

Till a few months back, voices of dissent against AT&T’s clogged network were so deafening that it was speculated that Apple may move away from exclusivity with the launch of the iPad. However that was not to be and though there are now speculations over a second Verizon powered iPhone launching in the market soon, … Continue reading “Tweaked iPhone Puts Less Strain On AT&T”

Microsoft Phone To Support Gesture Recognition For Users On The Go

If you need further confirmation for the upcoming Microsoft Pink phones, it is probably this. In a patent application filed by Redmond this week, the company has elaborated on a gesture recognition module that will enable users to control parameters using gestures instead of the conventional taps on a touch screen phone. The inventors explain … Continue reading “Microsoft Phone To Support Gesture Recognition For Users On The Go”

Skype VoIP Over 3G Not To Come On iPhone?

Last week, Verizon signed a bizarre deal with Skype. According to the terms of the deal, Verizon will embed Skype’s click to call application by default on all Verizon powered smartphones. The company said this will give its users the ability to quickly make calls to anywhere in the world using Skype. Why is this … Continue reading “Skype VoIP Over 3G Not To Come On iPhone?”

Palm WebOS 1.4 Launching Feb 25

The next version of Palm’s WebOS platform could be out this week. According to sources from Verizon that folks at PreCentral quote, the “hard date” for the release of WebOS 1.4 is scheduled for Feb 25. The release shall happen over-the-air for 100,000 devices at a time. What’s new in this version? PreCentral note the … Continue reading “Palm WebOS 1.4 Launching Feb 25”

Walmart To Sell Google Nexus One Phone?

When Google announced their foray into the smartphone business with the launch of Nexus One earlier this month, they also brought a new distribution model. The Nexus One was sold solely via the Google website cutting off the middlemen in the process. However, it now appears that the handset could also reach the shelves of … Continue reading “Walmart To Sell Google Nexus One Phone?”

A Dual Version Apple Tablet In The Making?

According to sources Fox News spoke to from AT&T and Verizon, both companies have indicated that they are in talks with Apple over an Apple Tablet deal. This has given rise to speculations over whether we could see Apple Tablet coming in two versions – one working over the CDMA network and the other on … Continue reading “A Dual Version Apple Tablet In The Making?”