Social Gaming Revenue Estimate And Forecast

Social gaming has been become amazingly popular over the past year and a half with the launch of games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars on Facebook. It is not exaggeration if I am going to say that the success of companies such as Zynga actually helped Facebook figure out a business model for their […]

Gaming Nintendo

Nintendo Wii GameCube Dual Shock Controller Offers Realistic Gaming

A gaming peripheral manufacturer claims to offer realistic gaming experience with the release of the Nintendo Wii & Gamecube Dual Shock controller. The controller comes with standard buttons and controls including the dual analog joystick, D-Pad, four fire action buttons and the three shoulder buttons. In addition to this, the dual shock controller for Ninendo […]


MainGear eX-L-17 Gaming Notebook Technical Specifications And Price Announced

MainGear has launched a new notebook with impressive displays and processor that is built just for gamers. The MainGear eX-L17 will run on Intel’s Core i5/i7 processors and will launch at a starting price of $1,899. Add in all the frills and the price can well be triple this amount. Here are the features you […]

Gaming Acquired By Virgin?

We heard a few days back that Richard Branson owned Virgin Group may relaunch in the gaming segment with the launch of an “online only” gaming destination built over  “acquired technology“. Now more details are emerging over Virgin’s gaming ambitions. Folks at MaxConsole seem to have done some smart investigative work to have discovered that […]


Top Gaming Countries By Average Revenue Per Gamer

PlaySpan, a company focused on providing monetization solutions for online games, social networks and virtual worlds has released its latest report on the state of the international virtual goods economy.
According to the report, virtual goods will bring close to $1.6 billion to the US economy in 2011. The highest revenues on a per-gamer basis […]

Gadgets Sony

3D Gaming On PS3 Coming July

A Japanese gaming website, AV Watch has dugg up information that indicates that 3D gaming could be activated on Sony PS3 through a firmware update on July 10th. While information regarding this is patchy at the moment, we assume this is to happen concurrently with the introduction of 3D blu-ray movie viewing. However, do note […]

Miscellaneous Mobile

FoxConn Wants To Improve Your Dice-Gaming Experience

One might have assumed that FoxConn wants to claim proprietary rights to devices that can change apps, play music,etc. on shaking the device (which is prior art by the way). But no.  Taiwan based Hon Hai Precision, which is better known as FoxConn outside wants to patent a shake responsive handheld that will improve the […]

Apple Gadgets

Apple TV To Become A Gaming Console?

Apple has always maintained that its foray into TV is nothing but a “hobby” and their ambitions have always stayed on innovations in the mobile device front. But that could change in a couple of years, says Michael Patcher from Webush Morgan Securities in a note to investors. According to him, the iPhone OS with […]

Google Web

YouTube To Offer Interactive Gaming Videos?

In February of this year, Google had apparently filed a patent which has finally been published lately and if what we read into the patent is true, we can soon be seeing YouTube offering interactive gaming videos to its users. If you are wondering what an interactive gaming video is, then read on. According to […]

Cloud Computing

Blockchain vs The Cloud: Which Is Better?

The cloud is actually a physical location where files are stored. Blockchain can be described as millions of people’s computers. There is no actual server for the blockchain.