WashZilla Review After One Month – Does It Work?

How much do you spend each year in laundry? If you ask most people, their guess is going to be anywhere between $50 to $100. A lot of this spend is going towards buying laundry detergent. 

A popular laundry detergent maker claims that their 150 oz. jug can last for about 96 loads. That works out to around 4 jugs every year. In reality however, most consumers use a lot more detergent than the recommended amount which means that, on an average,  people spend $80 to $300 each year on laundry detergent alone .

Unfortunately, that is only a part of all your expenses. Procter & Gamble conducted a survey among American consumers and found that the average family washes about 300-390 loads of laundry every year. That is at least one wash per day. Assuming an average consumption of 41 gallons of water per wash, you are looking at  16,000 gallons of water in laundry every year .

Add to this, the cost of electricity, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and bleach, and you can see the cost quickly adding up. 

Not to mention that detergents contain a lot of chemicals that can irritate your skin over prolonged use.

WashZilla’s Marketing Claim

If you have been seeing ads for WashZilla recently, you may know their marketing claim – pay less than $7 a year on laundry using technology that is chemical-free, hassle-free and is safe for sensitive skin.

Is this all true? How good is WashZilla in real? We set out to find the truth behind the claims.

Ordering Process Review

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

For the purpose of this review, we headed to Amazon to make the purchase. Unfortunately, there were  several sellers on Amazon who were not genuine  and were selling copycat products. We ended losing $60 to one of these sellers and had a tough time getting it refunded from Amazon.

After a little bit of Googling, we found the original company website here. If you are interested in WashZilla and do, in fact, decide to buy it, we would advise you to purchase it from the company website. 

[If you want to avoid copycats and fake stuff, order WashZilla in its actual packaging from the company website here: WashZilla]

[Full disclosure: When you click the link and buy from the WashZilla website, we may be compensated a small amount for every sale. This is at no cost to you. The money we make from this is like a free cup of coffee every time someone makes a purchase from our link here. But do not worry – we are not so greedy that we will make false claims just so we make some money. Anything we claim here is from our experience with the product]

The market price of WashZilla is around $65. For the purpose of this review, we purchased the product at a good 40% discount using this link. But we missed a nice nifty trick that could have got us another 10% off.

This is what you do to get an extra 10% off

  1. Visit this section on the WashZilla website where you get 40% discount:
  2. Now, move your mouse towards the close button on your browser (but do not actually click anything) – make it look like you want to exit the website
  3. When you do this, you will get a notification for another 10%. Click on the ‘Yes, Give Me An Extra 10% Off” button and enjoy the discount!

Product Packaging Review

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

We received our WashZilla laundry ball around three days after order. This is fast considering that this is an order that was placed directly on the company website. We were eligible for same day delivery on Amazon – if only they didn’t have so many fake stuff. 

WashZilla comes in a nice blue and white box that reiterates all the claims that you may have already come across – that it cleans clothes without soap or detergent, that it is perfect for sensitive skin, and also that it is compatible with any washing machine. 

Inside the box, you have the blue laundry ball in all its glory. You can, in fact, open the laundry ball and feel the ceramic pellets inside. That gives you a reassuring feeling that this product can perhaps get the job done. 

All in all, from a product packaging perspective, this was simple and effectively done. Kudos to the team who designed it.

Does WashZilla Work

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

So, the moment of truth. Does WashZilla do what it claims? We have been using WashZilla for the past one month and must have completed around 20 laundries in this period. For the sake of comparison, we also did 10 side-by-side washes where we ran clothes with similar stains and dirt under regular detergent load and under WashZilla. 

Here is a quick summary of our findings. 

Does it work?

We must perhaps preface this question with another question – how does it actually work? According to the WashZilla website, the tiny pellets inside the laundry ball are called bio ceramides that are alkaline in nature. When you drop the WashZilla laundry ball in your washing machine, the alkalic pellets change the pH levels of the water without use of any chemicals. 

In fact, changing pH levels is exactly how regular detergents remove stains and odors from your clothes too. The only difference here is that you are not spending so much money and it is free of chemicals. In addition to the pellets, the ball itself is abrasive and helps with scrubbing your clothes and thus making them extra-clean. 

So to answer the question at hand – yes, it does work. We live in a very humid city and it is extremely common to find brown sweat stains on your collars and sleeves after a long day at work.  While I was convinced that WashZilla could get regular clothes washed, I was really skeptical about getting these sweat stains removed. 

While stains did not always get removed 100% in one wash, we are  happy to report that WashZilla is just as effective as detergents when it comes to stain removal . We also surveyed our family members to guess which of the two shirts were washed with WashZilla and which one with the detergent- they were not really able to find this out without smelling the shirts for the detergent’s distinct fragrance.

For the purpose of this test, we ruined one of our shirts with lots of petroleum grease and oil. And while we didn’t expect it to clean them completely, we were happy to see a lot of grease come out after the first wash. One little trick we discovered was to pre-treat these shirts with dishwashing liquid before putting them in the washing machine – WashZilla worked amazingly well and  removed all the stains completely 

We really saved a lot of water and electricity – A lot of water (and electricity) is consumed during the rinse cycles. With WashZilla, there is not a lot of suds and residues from the wash. So you can totally avoid the rinse cycles and this alone can  save you thousands of gallons in water each year 

Another thing – dirty clothes are generally washed with hot water.  WashZilla does not really require hot water . You can wash clothes, no matter how dirty they are, with regular cold water. We found this to be a very ecologically friendly product. 

Our calculations showed that compared to detergents,  WashZilla consumes 40-75% less water in the case of top-load washing machines and between 30-85% in the case of front-load washers .

Is WashZilla safe to use- WashZilla claims that it is safe on sensitive skin. When we started trying the product, we realized that this is really a no-brainer. WashZilla is just a plasticky ball with a bunch of ceramic pellets. There is no chemical that we are handling here which means that with WashZilla, we are basically working with water. Since  there is no chemical  we are handling here, there is no question of WashZilla affecting your sensitive skin in anyway. It is perfectly safe.

HOWEVER, we had one instance where we had kept WashZilla open in the laundry area and noticed our pet dog licking the pellets. We frantically tried cleaning her mouth but it did seem like she swallowed a few of these pellets. We took a bunch of these pellets to our vet to check if they were safe. Our vet confirmed that these are ceramic and are so completely safe. Ceramic is basically sand and your average dog swallows a good amount of sand every time they go licking and sniffing in your neighborhood park. 

Overall, we were extremely happy with what we have got. We will update this article in a few months from now when we complete 1000 washes. But as of now, I can confidently state that WashZilla is worth every penny spent and does, in fact, save you several dollars on each wash. 


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Finally, what do we think of the price? When you buy the 150 oz jug of the popular detergent, it will cost you between $11-$17 depending on where you buy it. Compared to this, WashZilla might appear a bit more expensive.

But here’s the thing – the 150 oz jug lasts for 96 washes. In comparison, WashZilla lasts for a 1000 washes – simply because the bio ceramide pellets inside the laundry ball can last technically forever. 

Even if you are not accounting for the additional expenses on water, fabric softeners and dryer sheets, the  150 oz detergent jug will cost you $0.17 per wash 

In comparison,  WashZilla will cost you $0.04 per wash .

That is, the average detergent is 4.25 times more expensive than WashZilla

Our Final Verdict

Here is a summary of our review report – DO NOT buy this product on Amazon. Instead, get it directly from the company website. Delivery should be within 3-4 days. The product itself checks all the claims made in the WashZilla ads – the product does indeed clean your clothes as well as regular detergents. At the same time, this is completely chemical-free and saves you literally tons of water and electricity. 

Our Verdict

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Readers of this blog can avail WashZilla at a good 40% discount from their company website.

But hold on, we already told you about a tiny little trick that can get you  nearly 50% discount on WashZilla . If you missed it earlier in this article, here you go:

Step 1: You may get 40% off on WashZilla by clicking here and visiting the discounted price page. 

Step 2: If you are on desktop, move your mouse towards the top of the screen (make it seem like you are about to close the window). If you are on a mobile phone, scroll down the page and then scroll back up to the top. 

Either way, you will now see a screen that offers you 10% more discount

Step 3: Tap on the green button that reads, “Yes, Give Me An Extra 10% Off” to get a cool 50% on the product price. 

Check out WashZilla and share your reviews in the comments below. We will include the most insightful ones here in this article.

How to redirect WordPress

So you’ve decided that you want to freshen up your site, maybe by adding or removing a few pages, moving to a new domain, changing your permalink structure, whatever it might be. While researching how to make those changes you also came across instructions saying that you need to follow the changes up with redirects. Suddenly you find yourself lost as to how that is done. 

Maybe you’ve only heard about redirects, maybe you know a thing or two about them, but what you don’t know is how to implement them in WordPress. Since a lot of people find themselves in the same situation of lacking both theoretical and practical knowledge on redirecting, we’ve decided to make this article somewhat of a crash course.

Here, you will learn the basics of redirects and the easiest method of implementing them in WordPress. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The basics of redirects

A good definition for redirects that doesn’t go into too much technical detail is that redirects are basically mapping one URL to another one. Now, why is that mapping necessary? After you make a change on your website that involves changing a URL you end up with broken links. 

Setting up a redirect in that spot is what will fix the broken links and tell a browser that the old URL is no longer available and that a new one is going to be used, permanently or temporarily. After seeing a redirect, a browser knows not to send traffic to the old URL anymore but to the new one instead. 

Redirects are used for both internal and external links since both types are affected by the changes in URLs, but are especially important for external links. When it comes to internal links you can try your best to manually fix them if you have the time, but with external links, you can only hope that the person who runs the site that is now displaying one of your broken links will answer your email in which you are asking them to repair it.

Redirects are also crucial for maintaining your site’s SEO and traffic rates. When they aren’t put in place, your visitors get stranded in 404 pages meaning less traffic is reaching your site and its online reputation and SEO are deteriorating more and more with every non-redirected visitor.

But users aren’t the only ones hitting the 404 pages. Without redirects, search engine crawlers are also getting the “404 page not found” error while doing their regular checkups. When that happens, they notify Google which will then reconsider if your site deserves its current SERP rank, since it obviously isn’t serving its visitors with the proper user experience.

At this point in the article, I think you have an idea of why redirects should be used. To help you better understand when they are to be used here are some specific use cases.

  • You changed the name of a page, moved it to another section, maybe added a keyword that will improve its SEO, and now its URL is no longer the same.
  • The names of some of your pages get constantly misspelled and you want your visitors to end up on your page regardless of the misspelling.
  • You deleted a page or merged it with another one.
  • A page/site is under maintenance and shouldn’t be accessed until the maintenance process is finished.
  • You moved from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You changed your domain name.

Now that you know why and when redirects are used, the last thing you need to know about them before jumping into the implementation aspect is that redirects come in different types. The following are the most known and commonly used redirect types.

301 redirects 

A 301 redirect is used for permanent changes when you aren’t planning to use the original page again. 301 redirects might be the most frequently used ones which besides visitors also transfer 90% of the SEO and traffic from the old page to the new one.

302 redirects

302 redirects are used for redirecting traffic to a new page but only for some time, not forever since the change you made is not going to be a permanent one. This type of redirect keeps the SEO and rank on the old page and doesn’t transfer any of it to the new one. They are used for sites/pages that are under maintenance, when doing updates or tests, and also for pages displaying temporary content like sales and special offers.

303 redirects

These redirects are sort of a replacement for the 302 redirects but can also prevent refreshing, resubmissions and bookmarking of pages. 303 redirects are very useful for sites accepting online payments which have a need to redirect people to external resources such as PayPal.

307 redirects

Very similar to 303 redirects, the only major difference is that 307 redirects don’t change the information of POST method requests when redirecting. 307 redirects also fall into the category of temporary redirects.

308 redirects

308 redirects are closely related to both the 303 and 307 redirect type since they are permanent but can also do everything 307 redirects can.

For you, it’s important that you know about and understand the use of 301 and 302 redirects since those two types are the ones you will be using 99% of the time.

Redirecting using a plugin

Redirecting in WordPress can be done in two ways, manually and using a plugin. Since the plugin method is faster, less complicated and more commonly used, in this article, we will only cover that method. The manual one is more for the people who know how and like to deal with code.

The plugin we would recommend for you to use is WP 301 Redirects. WP 301 Redirects is a popular plugin by WebFactory Ltd that was created with the aim of helping you resolve all issues related to redirects and 404 errors in the easiest way possible. Besides being very user-friendly and easy to use, another great thing about this plugin is that it has the ability to monitor your site for changes in the URLs of all its posts and pages.

If a change is registered, the plugin will automatically set up a redirect rule for it without requiring any action from you, meaning that when you have this plugin activated it’s virtually impossible for your visitors to end up on a 404 page. The 404 pages will be reserved only for the bad bots trying to reach your site since this plugin will simply ignore them by turning off automatic redirection in their case. But you don’t have to worry that Google’s bots will be treated the same, they are whitelisted so they will be free to crawl your site even if this plugin is activated.

Along with all the help this plugin will give you when it comes to redirecting, it will also give you a detailed insight on the traffic that is going on your site through its built-in charts, so you can quit using any external analytics tools. For any problem or issue you might face while using this plugin, on disposal you have an in-house support team ready to give you fast answers and guidance at any time. To learn more about the plugin and find a price plan best suited for you, visit https://wp301redirects.com/.

Implementing the redirects 

Since this is a method executed using a plugin, logically the first step will be to install the plugin. Once you have it installed, a section dedicated to the plugin should appear in the Settings section of your WordPress dashboard.

The process of setting up redirects using the 301 Redirects plugin is very simple. Using a spinner box, you will first choose the type of redirect you want to implement. Next, in the “redirect from” input field, you will enter the old URL, and in the “redirect to” field, you guessed it, the new URL. 

Because this plugin wants to make the process of redirecting as simple as it can be, it will also give you a list of your site’s pages from which you can simply select a page(and not have to manually type in its URL) in case you wish to redirect to or from one of them.

After saving the redirect rule, your work is done, and your redirect has been implemented. All redirect rules can, of course, be easily deleted or edited if necessary. Also, using this plugin you have the option of uploading redirect rules in a CSV file and with that set up multiple redirects at once.


Making changes to your site is something that has to be done and that will ensure your site is an up-to-date and highly functioning one. But as much as making the changes is important so is following them up with redirects, otherwise, they might bring more harm than good to your site’s valuable traffic and online reputation. That is why we hope, that with the information this article gave you and with the assistance of the WP 301 Redirects plugin, redirect issues, broken links, loss of traffic and other redirect related issues will be a thing of the past at least in the case of your own site.

Kutchina Chimney Reviews & Price List for 2020

Having the best facilities in your kitchen will help you to provide great meals. The process of cooking and frying will be less-strenuous, and in fact, very enjoyable to do. Hence, a kitchen chimney is one of the indispensable appliances for every home today. It is vital to say that the kitchen chimney should be the cynosure for every woman wishing to make good meals for her family. 

Kitchens with chimneys are very clean, unlike the ones without it. Having your kitchen clean from dust and smoke will make the environment more conducive.  

Before going to buy a kitchen chimney for your home, you need to consider these 5 basic factors:

  • Size: The size of the chimney is an important factor if you have a medium, large, or an extra-large kitchen. For a stove that has three or fewer burners in a medium kitchen, a 60cm kitchen chimney is the best choice. For larger kitchens with any cooktop that has more than three burners, the 90cm version is highly recommended.
  • Types of chimney filters: There are 3 popular types of filters: Mesh, Baffle, and Carbon. Because kitchen smoke contains oily, greasy, and soot particles, mesh filters have lots of layers of aluminum or stainless steel that help to trap these particles – but this type of filter is very difficult to maintain. Baffle filters are the most popular in India; this is because it is an advancement to mesh filters. A baffle filter contains panels that perfectly trap oily and greasy particles. It is easier to maintain. On the other hand, the carbon filter can help remove bad odor while you prepare your food. Meanwhile, the oil and greasy particles are trapped by the carbon filters, making it necessary for you to always replace them in a period of six months.
  • Noise: Nowadays, most kitchen chimneys come with a no-noise feature or a maximum noise level of about 58 dB.
  • Suction Power: Generally, it is highly essential you go for a kitchen chimney that can extract ten times the volume of air in a given space. The volume of most kitchen spaces in India is 48 cubic meters. Therefore, the best chimney for such kitchens should be the one with a suction power of 480 cubic meters per hour.
  • Easy to Clean: Some kitchen chimneys have the auto-clean option, but such chimneys are very expensive. But if you want to go within your budget, it is highly recommended you for a chimney that is easy to clean all the time.

The Best Kutchina Chimneys for Your Kitchen 

Kutchina Chimneys are designed with your kitchen in mind. These chimneys are durable and have high-output electric motors that draw cooking smoke and soot out of the kitchen.

In this review, we have taken a detailed look at the best kutchina chimneys for Indian kitchens with detailed assessments and price.

Kutchina 60cm 1200m^3/hr Bravo Auto-Clean Chimney

The Kutchina 60cm Bravo Auto-Clean is steel inclined with Matt finish tempered glass that re-defines the beautiful architecture of the chimney. This product is operated easily through a touch panel. This product has the Heat Auto-Clean technology, that enables it to clean itself, without having to do the cleaning all the time.

Just like some other brands, the 60cm Auto-Clean chimney from Kutchina is able to clean itself through its touch control system, which is present on its surface. The chimney performs this routine through its heating elements that remove oily and greasy particles and collects them in its oil collector can. You will only have to clean the oil collector can periodically.

The Kutchina bravo chimney has a high suction capacity of 1200m3/hr which is enough to get rid of cooking smoke, heat, and other harmful gases that are emitted from the gas stove. The suction power is highly recommended for kitchen size greater than 200 square feet.

This chimney also has LED lights to add more lighting to your kitchen.

This product is a filterless chimney that ensures cleaning through an airflow angle instead of a separate filter. This ensures that there is no maintenance cost.  Additionally, the Kutchina bravo chimney also offers the lowest noise due to its powerful and comprehensive engine. The manufacturer is providing a 1-year warranty on the whole product and a 9-years warranty on the motor.

Pros of Kutchina 60cm Bravo Auto-Clean

  • A suction power of 1200 m3/hr.
  • Suitable for kitchen size greater than 200 square feet.
  • Touch control for operation.
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology. 
  • Stylish look.
  • Baffle filter

Cons of Kutchina 60cm Bravo Auto-Clean 

  • Proper user manual not provided.
  • Wattage summary not provided.

Kutchina Auto-clean Chimney Forbes 60cm Touch Control

The Kutchina Auto-Clean chimney is a beautiful facility with a powerful design that aligns with kitchen finishes. It also adds a luxury touch to kitchen interiors and décor. To offer easy operation, a touch control panel is provided.

This product also has Heat Auto-clean Technology. Through its 3-Speed Touch Sensor Control with digital display, it will clean itself immediately. This is done through its heat element which gets rid of harmful particles and collects them into an oil collector.  

Furthermore, the Kutchina Auto-Clean Chimney Forbes has a suction power of 1100m3/hr, which is sufficient enough to suck out smoke, dirt, and harmful gases emitted from gas stoves when cooking. 

This kitchen chimney also has LED lights. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves. Additionally, the Kutchina Auto-Clean Chimney Forbes has a lifetime motor warranty.

Pros of the Kutchina Auto-Clean Forbes Chimney 

  • The suction power of 1100m3/hr.
  • A User Manual, service book, and a hanging clip were provided by the manufacturer.
  • 3-Speed Touch Sensor Control for operation.
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology. 
  • Designed stylishly.
  • Power-saving LED lights.
  • Baffle filter

Cons of the Kutchina Auto-Clean Forbes Chimney

  • Wattage summary not provided.
  • The need for a carpenter is necessary to fix the chimney.

KUTCHINA Tiara Stainless Steel Push Button

The manufacturers of Kutchina really crafted this one with much elegance and uniqueness.  It was also created with an extensive aesthetic design with strikingly advanced features. It is essential to know that the Kutchina Tiara has an undisputed presence in the marketplace in the domain of kitchen appliances. With an elegant exterior and highly regulated functionality, this chimney will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

This chimney is built with competent 3rd Generation Auto-Clean Technology that cleans your chimney with the push of a button. With Auto-Clean Technology, all the greasy and oily particles — including harmful gases from the stove — are collected in the oil collector can and placed right below.

Furthermore, the Kutchina Tiara chimney has innumerable Filterless Oil Collecting Technology that prevents oil particles from blocking the suction. The suction capacity gets rid of unhealthy cooking smoke and oil completely and prevents the oil from dripping into your food. 

The suction capacity of the Kutchina Tiara is 800 m3 / hour, which brings in comfort to your kitchen when you cook even in a non-healthy environment. 

This kitchen chimney has two power-saving LED Lamps that add more lights to your kitchen. 

Pros of Kutchina Tiara Stainless Steel Push Button

  • Unique design with advance features.
  • Highly-regulated functionality
  • 3rd Generation Auto-Clean Technology
  • The high suction capacity of 800 m3 / hour
  • Filterless Oil Collecting Technology
  • Two power-saving LED Lights

Cons of Kutchina Tiara Stainless Steel Push Button

  • Noise level not provided
  • Warranty summary not provided
  • Wattage summary not provided

Kutchina Vega Auto-Clean 60cm 1200m3/hr Wall Mounted Chimney

The Kutchina Vega Auto-Clean chimney was designed with elegance and finesse. This chimney adds beauty and luxury touch to your kitchen décor. This product has a stylish look with higher performance. It is durable and elegant.

This product comes with a suction power of 1200m3/hr. It perfectly ensures that oily and greasy particles are removed. The suction power is high during performance. 

One of the best features of this product is its hand gesture control. The hand gesture control ensures that, just by waving your hand, you can control the speed of the suction. You can also use the one-touch panel to control the suction too. Furthermore, the Kutchina Vega Auto-Clean Chimney also has Auto-Clean Technology. Which implies that the chimney cleans itself all the time. Through the wave sensor, the chimney controls the Auto-clean technology; it does this by generating some heat to move the oily or greasy particles to its oil collector. You only need to clean its oil collector once in a while. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves.

Pros of Kutchina Vega Auto-Clean Wall Mounted Chimney 

  • Unique design
  • Hand gesture control
  • 3rd generation Auto-Clean Technology
  • The suction power of 1200m3/hr
  • High performance
  • Baffle filter

Cons of Kutchina Vega Auto-Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

  • Very pricey
  • Noise level not provided
  • Voltage description not provided
  • Warranty description not provided 
  • Wattage description not provided

Kutchina LATINO 90, Filterless Auto-Clean Chimney 

The Kutchina LATINO 90, Filterless Auto-Clean chimney is one of a kind. It comes with a simple design, but with a top-notch performance. No doubt, this product is durable and elegant – just like other Kutchina products.

This product comes with a suction power of 1000m3/hr for kitchen sizes greater than 200 sqft. It perfectly ensures that oily and greasy particles are removed. The suction power is good; during performance, it doesn’t create much noise.

This chimney width is about 90cm for 3 to 5 burner stoves. It also has Auto-Clean technology which can be operated through the push buttons that are available on the surface. Additionally, this product is a filterless chimney that ensures cleaning through the airflow angle instead of a separate filter. The chimney’s motor ensures a clear path for airflow, this ensures that there is no maintenance cost. This chimney also has LED lights that provide more light to the kitchen; you don’t have to worry if these lights consume power because it only takes 354 watts. This product has a 1-year warranty and from the Date of Purchase and 9-years on the motor.

Pros of Kutchina LATINO 90, Filterless Auto-Clean Chimney Auto-Clean Chimney

  • Elegant design
  • The suction power of 1000m^3/hr
  • Produces less noise
  • Has a powerful motor
  • 3rd generation Heat Auto-Clean Technology
  • LED Lights

Cons of Kutchina LATINO 90, Filterless Auto-Clean Chimney

  • Proper user manual not provided.

Kutchina Auto-Clean Stainless Steel Chimney 24.5-inch (Black, Florentine)

The Kutchina Auto-Clean Stainless Steel Chimney was manufactured with your kitchen in mind. One of the best features of this chimney is its Heat Auto-Clean Technology. You will not go through the hassles of trying to clean your kitchen every six months. Through its push buttons, the chimney automatically cleans itself. This chimney performs this routine through its heating elements that remove oily and greasy particles and collects them in its oil collector can. You will only clean the chimney’s oil collector can periodically.

This product is highly suitable for medium-sized kitchens because it has a size of 60cm for 3 or fewer stove burners.

The Kutchina Auto-Clean chimney has a 1200m^3/hr. suction power to effectively take out cooking smoke, soot, and oily particles from the kitchen. It also comes with LED lights to add more brightness to your kitchen. The baffle filter present in this chimney ensures that the kitchen is free from smoke residues, and it also makes the air to move freely without any obstruction.

Additionally, this chimney consumes less electricity, so you won’t get obnoxious power bills all the time as a result of using this facility. Additionally, this product only produces a low noise level of 46dB. There is a 1-year warranty on this product from Date of Purchase and lifetime warranty on the motor.

Pros of Kutchina Auto-Clean Stainless Steel Chimney

  • 1200m3/hr suction capacity
  • Auto-clean technology
  • Speed control
  • Needs cleaning only once in 6 months
  • Touch panel for easy operation
  • LED lamps
  • Low noise and maintenance

Cons of Kutchina Auto-Clean Stainless Steel Chimney

  • Not suitable for small kitchens. 

Kutchina Chimney Florentine Excel Low Noise Heat Auto-Clean Chimney 

The Kutchina Chimney Florentine Auto-Clean chimney is best known for its low noise performance. This chimney has a similar design to other Kutchina brands. 

It is essential to also know that this product has the 4th generation Auto-Clean technology with an oil collector cup. It also has a ball bearing motor of 250w with 1300m3/hr Powerful Suction that produces the lowest noise at 46db. Additionally, it was manufactured with filterless technology for better suction to take away harmful gasses and smoke that emit out of the cooktop. This kutchina chimney also has the 3 Speed Push Control with One Push Autoclean Feature. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves. To enhance the lighting of your kitchen, this chimney comes with LED lamps.

Pros of Kutchina Chimney Florentine Auto-Clean chimney 

  • 4th generation Auto-Clean technology
  • Produces the lowest noise at 46db
  • 60 cm in width – ideal for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves
  • LED lamps
  • Perfect designs

Cons of Kutchina Chimney Florentine Auto-Clean Chimney

    • Warranty summary not provided
    • The cost can be a limiting factor    

Kutchina Chimney Forbes DLX 1300m3/hr Intelligent Auto-Clean Chimney (i-Clean) 60 cm

Coming as the world’s first intelligent Auto-clean chimney, the Kutchina Chimney Forbes cleverly senses your cooking habits and automatically starts cleaning its self.

However, it also has beautiful designs –  just like other kutchina brands – to add more beauty to your kitchen. This product has a ball bearing motor of 250 Watts with 1300m3/hr powerful suction, to get rid of cooking smoke. It also has a filterless technology for better suction.  It is also essential to know that this product has a 3-speed touch control with an intelligent Auto-clean feature. It has a width of 60cm plus a power-saving LED Lamp. The manufacturers of this product offered a lifetime motor warranty. It produces a noise level of 56 dB.  The width of this product is 60cm.

Pros of the Kutchina Chimney Forbes Intelligent Auto-clean Chimney 

  •  4th Generation Intelligent heat auto clean Oil Collector Cup technology
  •  Automatically senses oil and will start auto cleaning 
  •  Function Ball Bearing Motor of 200w with 1300m3/hr Powerful Suction
  •  Filterless technology for better suction touch control with one-touch auto-clean feature. 
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Power-saving LED lamp

Cons of the Kutchina Chimney Forbes Intelligent Auto-clean Chimney

  • The cost can be a limiting factor
  • A bit noisy during performance
  • Wattage summary not provided

Kutchina Chimney Fieona Excell 1200m3/hr 60cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney

The Kutchina Chimney Fieona Excell Auto-Clean chimney is a standard type of beauty. This chimney has similar designs to other Kutchina brands. 

It is essential to also know that this product has the 4th generation Auto-Clean technology with an oil collector cup. It also has a ball bearing motor of 200w with 1200m3/hr powerful suction. It is essential to also know that it was manufactured with filterless technology for better suction to take away harmful gases and smoke that emit from cooktops.  The Kutchina Fieona has a ball bearing motor of 200w to produce the lowest noise at 46 dB.

This Kutchina chimney also has a push-button control with one push auto-clean feature. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves. To enhance the lighting of your kitchen, this chimney comes with two power-saving LED lamps.

Pros of the Kutchina Chimney Fieona Excell Auto-Clean chimney

  • 4th generation Auto-Clean technology with an oil collector cup
  • 1200m3/hr powerful suction
  • Filterless technology for better suction
  • Produces the lowest noise at 46 dB
  • two power-saving LED lamps

Cons of Kutchina Chimney Fieona Excell Auto-Clean chimney

  • Warranty summary not provided

Kutchina curvey exl 75 auto Clean FilterLess Chimney

The Kutchina curvey exl auto-clean chimney packs enough power to ensure your kitchen is clean from smoke and soot. Unlike other Kutchina brands, it comes with its own unique design. It is very effective in removing odor in the kitchen.

The Kutchina curvey exl auto-clean chimney is 60 cm in width, which is very suitable for 3 to 4 burners. It has 1200m3/hr powerful suction for kitchen size greater than 200 sqft and highly effective for smoke that emits as a result of heavy drying and grilling. 

One of the beautiful features of this chimney is that its auto-clean feature uses water or heat to auto-clean its collection chamber.  It is also filterless and removes odor just by pressing the buttons. It also has power-saving LED Lights. 

Pros of Kutchina curvey exl 75 auto-clean filterless Chimney

  • 60 cm in width – suitable for 3-4 Burners
  • Powerful suction
  • Suits Indian conditions perfectly
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Power-saving LED lights 

Cons of Kutchina curvey exl 75 auto-clean filterless Chimney

  • Warranty summary not provided
  • Noise level not provided
  • Wattage summary not provided

Kutchina Chimney Fieona AutoClean Kitchen Chimney 1000m3/hr

The Kutchina Chimney Fieona auto-clean kitchen chimney is almost similar in design to the Kutchina Fieona Excell Heat auto-clean chimney.  However, this chimney has similar designs to other Kutchina brands. 

It is essential to also know that this product has the 4th generation Auto-Clean technology with an oil collector cup. It also has a ball bearing motor of 200w with 1000m3/hr powerful suction. It is essential to also know that it was manufactured with filterless technology for better suction to take away harmful gasses and smoke that emit from stoves and cooktops.  The Kutchina Fieona has a ball bearing motor of 200w. 

This kutchina chimney also has a 2-speed push-button control for its auto-clean feature. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves. To enhance the lighting of your kitchen, this chimney comes with two power-saving LED lamps. However, the manufacturer of this product offers a lifetime motor warranty on this product. 

Pros of The Kutchina Chimney Fieona auto-clean kitchen chimney 1000m3/hr

  • 3rd generation Auto-Clean technology
  • 2-speed push-button control for its auto-clean feature
  • a lifetime motor warranty
  • 2 Energy Saving LED lamps

Cons of The Kutchina Chimney Fieona auto-clean kitchen chimney 1000m3/hr

  • No wattage summary provided
  • No noise level provided

Kutchina Fieona Excell, 60 cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Black)

Just like other Kutchina Fieona Excell brands, this chimney also has exciting features that suit Indian kitchens. It is essential to know that Indian kitchens have a lot of oil and soot; hence, the kutchina Fieona Excell is a brand that is ideal under such circumstances. This is due to the fact that it has a powerful motor with a functional suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr that produces the lowest noise at 46 dB.

It is packed with the 4th Generation heating auto-clean with an oil collector cup. It also has a push-button control with one push auto-clean feature. The width of this product is 60cm, making it suitable for 3 or fewer burner gas stoves. To give more light to your kitchen, this chimney comes with power-saving LED lamps. This product has a lifetime motor warranty.

Pros of Kutchina Fieona Excell, 60 cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Black)

  • Powerful motor with a functional suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • 4th Generation heating auto-clean with an oil collector cup
  • power-saving LED lamps
  • Push-button control with one push auto-clean feature
  • Lifetime motor warranty

Cons of Kutchina Fieona Excell, 60 cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Black)

  • Wattage summary not provided

Kutchina Chimney Florentine Excel Auto Clean Chimney

This kitchen chimney has a 3rd Generation Heating Auto-clean with an oil collector cup. It essential to know that it also has a ball bearing motor of 250w with 1300m3/hr powerful suction. It comes with 3-speed push control with one push auto-clean feature. Additionally, Shiv parwati Kutchina Chimney Florentine Excel Auto Clean Chimney has power-saving LED lamps to give more ambiance to your home. 

Pros of Kutchina Chimney Florentine Excel Auto Clean Chimney

  • Powerful motor with a functional suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • 3rd Generation heating auto-clean with an oil collector cup
  • Power-saving LED lamps
  • Push-button control with one push auto-clean feature

Cons of Kutchina Chimney Florentine Excel Auto Clean Chimney

  • Warranty summary not provided
  • Wattage summary not provided

Kutchina Curvy 60 1000 m3/hr 60 cm Curve Hood Chimney Dry Autoclean Filterless Chimney

The Kutchina curvey 60cm Curve Hood Chimney Dry Auto-Clean has enough power to ensure your kitchen is clean from smoke and soot. Unlike other Kutchina brands, it has a curvy design that is distinct. It is very effective in removing odor in the kitchen.

The Kutchina curvey auto-clean chimney is 60 cm in width, which is very suitable for 3 to 4 burners. It has 1000m3/hr powerful suction for kitchen size greater than 200 sqft and highly effective for smoke that emits as a result of heavy drying and grilling. 

One of the beautiful features of this chimney is that its auto-clean feature uses water or heat to auto-clean its collection chamber.  It is also filterless and removes odor just by pressing the buttons. It also has power-saving LED Lights. Additionally, you can control its auto-clean feature through its push buttons.

Pros of Kutchina Curvy 60 1000 m3/hr 60 cm Curve Hood Chimney Dry Auto-clean Filterless Chimney

  • 60 cm in width – suitable for 3-4 Burners
  • Powerful suction
  • Suits Indian conditions perfectly
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Power-saving LED lights 

Cons of Kutchina Curvy 60 1000 m3/hr 60 cm Curve Hood Chimney Dry Auto-clean Filterless  Chimney

  • Warranty summary not provided
  • Noise level not provided
  • Wattage summary not provided

KUTCHINA Florentine 18/10 Steel Chimney (Black)

The Kutchina Florentine 18/10 Steel Chimney is packed with 1200m3/hr suction power. It is filterless, which ensures the complete removal of cooking soot and smoke. The width of this product is 60cm, which is highly suitable for 3 to 4 burners. The Kutchina Florentine 18/10 Steel Chimney’s suction power is best fit for kitchens size greater than 200 sqft; it is also suitable for heavy frying and grilling.

It is essential to know that this product has an Auto-Clean feature that uses water or heat to automatically clean the collection chamber; you don’t need to do any form of cleaning. This product is very effective in removing odor.

Furthermore, this product has in-built LED lights for proper lighting of the kitchen. It has an engine power of 330watts and a power requirement of 240w. The manufacturers of this product offer a lifetime motor warranty. 

Pros of the Kutchina Florentine 18/10 Steel Chimney

  • 1200m3/hr suction power
  • Suitable for heavy frying and grilling 
  • Auto-Clean Technology
  • In-built LED Lights
  • Low power requirements 
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Highly suitable for Indian kitchens 

Cons of the Kutchina Florentine 18/10 Steel Chimney

  • Noise level not provided

How Kitchen Chimneys Work 

Kitchen chimneys perform quite differently from rooftop chimneys. All kitchen chimneys come in different shapes and sizes. Some are usually mounted over the top of cooktops or stoves to take away the smoke that oozes out during cooking. During performance, there is a powerful fan that helps to get rid of burnt gases, soot, and unpleasant odor, and it expels them through a piped duct. Taking out smoke and gases directly from cooktops is the best way than the normal exhaust fan. You need to know that as these gases and soot are expelled out of the kitchen, you will have a better and comfortable environment to prepare your dishes. Additionally, your kitchen will be free from soot deposits and grime.

Safety Tips to Know Before You Install a Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney 

Most Kuthcina chimneys are made of stainless steel; hence, it is essential to consider some safety tips before installing one in your home. Installing a Kutchina chimney requires a skillset. Most times, people call for carpenters and technicians to install these chimneys, which, at times, procure extra costs. If you want to install one yourself, you need to be careful and consider some safety tips. It is essential to know that most chimney hoods stand free and they are made in different sizes. Some of these hoods can be attached to the wall. Most Kutchina kitchen chimneys contain touch control, LED lights, a digital display and automatic shut off. With that in mind, when placing this appliance above your cooktop, you need to ensure that the width between them is maintained thoroughly. Here are some safety tips you need to consider:

  • Make use of an electrician 

Unless you are experienced when it comes to installing electrical appliances, don’t ever attempt to install an electric appliance yourself. It is essential to note that the electrical appliance has to be properly connected when it comes to the proper functioning of the chimney. Make sure you don’t connect the chimney to the power source during installation. Additionally, always ensure that the hood power is off and doesn’t turn on automatically without your consent. Some Kutchina chimneys have specific electrical wiring – if this is the case, make sure your call an electrician. Always follow the installation manual while installing the chimney.

  • Always handle carefully 

It is essential not to remove the kitchen hood from its package when it’s not time to install it. When removing the hood, put your hands on the lower level of the appliance. Make sure you don’t handle the device by a utensil rail. It is important to always wear safety gloves while handling the device. The safety gloves make sure that the body of the hood doesn’t get damaged.

  • Proper ventilation flow must be maintained 

Don’t connect your new chimney to a duct that has already been used. Always ensure that there is a proper ventilation flow to effectively remove smoke, odor, and steam. It is essential to also know that adequate air supply must be maintained at all times for better functioning. The unwanted air that is sucked by the chimney should not move into spaces or attics.

  • Stove and Hob distance

When installing the electric Kutchina electric chimney, always ensure that the stove and the hob are placed at a distance of 25 to a maximum of 30 inches. It is important to always maintain the distance, no matter the type of Kutchina chimney you have purchased. If the distance between the stove and chimney is less than 26 inches, the hood of the chimney might catch fire.

  • Keep an eye on the voltage capacity 

To get the best out of your chimney, it is essential to get the exact voltage of power. At times, a two-phase voltage may not be sufficient for electrical appliances, so it is best to have a three-phase voltage. Therefore, before installing your kitchen chimney, you need to ensure your home has the best earthing. It is highly recommended that you shouldn’t leave your gas burners opened; this is due to the fact that most chimney filters are highly flammable. 

Additionally, it is necessary not to leave frying pans unattended as the oil may catch fire. Overall, always keep an eye on the voltage capacity of your chimney before installing it in your kitchen.

The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Chimney 

As stated earlier, kitchen chimneys are one of the best facilities for home. There are many reasons why your kitchen needs a chimney. Having a chimney in your home makes cooking comfortable and enjoyable. Furthermore, it will also make you get quick access to the things in your kitchen when you cook. It also makes you free from unwanted soot and cooking smoke that emits from the cooktop. Some of the other benefits of having a kitchen chimney are,

  • It lowers indoor air pollution
  • It removes bad odor
  • It protects you against gas leakages 
  • It protects the kitchen walls from turning black as a result of the smoke
  • It also protects you from skin rashes and allergies.

Maintenance and cleaning 

Most Kutchina chimneys provide an auto-clean feature. This implies that you don’t have to clean the chimney yourself, your chimney does the work. The only is to clean the oil collector can once in six months.

In case your chimney has baffle filters and you want to clean them, all you have to do is to remove the filters and clean independently. You can make use of water and a mild detergent to remove the oil, soot, and other particles from the filters. Make sure you don’t scrub the filter so as not to damage them.

To clean the hood of the chimney, it is required you do so once every week. You can do this through the use of a clean cloth soaked with water. It is very vital to note that you don’t need to use abrasive solvents or materials during your cleaning routine. If the stains still persist after cleaning, please contact professional help.

Final Words 

Kutchina chimneys are exceptional appliances for small and improperly ventilated kitchens. These appliances help to suck out soot and smoke that circulate the kitchen; thus, ensuring the proper circulation of air. Additionally, kitchen chimneys also ensure that the cooking space is free of grease and oil particles.

Furthermore, Kutchina chimneys come with advanced technology, and it is also backed by Artificial Intelligence. They are produced to automatically set self-cleaning schedules, that help eliminate the need to manually do cleaning tasks.

This review will guide you on the price and the vital information you need before choosing the best for your kitchen. 

When it comes to Kutchina chimneys, the combination of both appearance and high-quality is what makes this product a must-have appliance for every kitchen. All brands are distinctively crafted to suit your kitchen décor. Some of them have a one-touch control, or a wave-sensor control; depending on your budget, you can just choose any one of them of your choice.

Overall, the homemaker does deserve a Kutchina chimney that can make her life even much easier and comfortable.

Now that you have known about one of the best chimney brands (Kutchina), nothing should hold you back from availing the great deals available here. 

Using Technology to Bring Down Employee Churn Rate

There are lots of reasons why employees quit their jobs. Some employees quit their jobs as a result of career advancement, pay or job security. However, according to one survey, about 20% of individuals quit their jobs because  of a lack of technical know-how and because they are not a good fit for the job.

Employees can create better value at work when they are properly assessed on their strengths and talents to improve productivity.  Again, companies can train their employees to gain the right technical know-how.

Technology is an indispensable tool to train employees and help them add better value. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how companies can use technology to bring down employee churn rates. So, let’s jump right in!

Identify Employee Skill-Gap

Identifying skill gaps to attain business goals is vital. When it comes to training employees, the most

important concern is how to properly identify skill-gaps. With the help of technology, there are certain ways to identify an employee skill-gap.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is one of the best ways to determine skill gap. However, the most vital thing when using KPIs is to watch out for your employees’ overall performance trends. Additionally, using benchmarking performance and also making observations is vital in identifying an employee skill gap. It is essential that all these methods are used with good data gathering and thorough analysis. Making use of numerous data sources can help you to note the skill-gap and its root causes.

Build an Employee Information system 

Building a Human Resource Information System, or HRIS for short, will help you get feedback on your employees’ skill-gap. You may consider building a 360-degree profile for your employees; this will help you to understand what their current role is, the skills they have, and therefore, create a training plan.

Furthermore, a 360-degree review can get you feedback regarding certain performance-related problems of your employees as a whole. It is possible to take different approaches to this, but one vital one is the use of employee surveys, this is due to the fact that you can easily create and deploy it. A 360-degree review contains customizable employer fields (which allows you to be flexible to organize and manage employee data), document vault for every employee (secure storage for all your employees’ documents), and an org chart and employee directory (to understand your entire company).

Create an engaging onboarding program 

It is essential to note that employees need to be trained before they can start working in your company. A solid onboarding program can boost the value an employee adds to the organization and also improves their retention; thereby averting the cost of hiring replacements.

To create an engaging onboarding program, do not invest in simple text-based lessons; instead invest in interactive video content. Rob Evans, the founder of Graviteq, a company that trains rope access technicians says his organization creates helpful video content on their YouTube channel that teaches the basics of their training course to online viewers. While hands-on training is an absolutely essential component of this industry, video lessons help learners revisit these lessons later on in order to help them perform better.

Studies show that the human brain processes video content nearly 60,000 times faster than text.  Training your employees through video content should hence be the standard way to convey knowledge and values across the team.

Your company only needs to create an onboarding video once, and then new hires will be able to move forward with their training.  This saves time and cost. There is a wide range of video templates you can use for the perfect orientation.  While you make onboarding video content, ensure there are engaging, interesting, short, inspiring, and offer opportunities for further learning.

Offer flexible-working and remote working opportunities 

It is not surprising that employees can make or mar your business. Hence, it is essential that your company pays more attention to its employees. Letting employees work from home can help improve morale and boost productivity; not to mention bringing down the churn rate.

Recognizing the importance of remote work capabilities positively helps in bringing down churn rate. Recent studies show that nearly 65% of employees today report that their work allows them to work remotely, and it is becoming a norm.

Investing in collaboration tools that can make remote working easy will also help your company reduce its churn rate. These tools come in different categories such as Audio/video conferencing, chat/messaging, project management, document management, file sharing, and so on. These tools ensure a smooth workflow in your team and ensure that your workers feel more comfortable. They will also know what is expected of them and remain focused on the right tasks.

Final Words

The role of technology in bringing down employee churn rate proves to be vital. New technologies have emerged with the aim of reducing churn rates; to speed up onboarding and decrease turnover costs when employees leave their job. It is essential to identify your employees’ strengths and leverage them into achieving a better output, but this can’t be done easily and that’s where technology comes in — to help your management processes much easier.

Besides using the technological methods listed above, it is essential to have a purpose for your company, which will make employees find meaning in their work and stay devoted. Additionally, also validate that working is an essential part of your life — ensure your employees know that you value them and always want them fulfilled. Putting all these together, you will successfully curb the churn rate in your company.

Top 13 High Paying Tech Jobs For 2020

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it will certainly get you a better class of memories”- Ronald Reagan.

This saying is pretty much self-explanatory. While money is not the ticket for a happy life, it surely is a way to live a quality life. As the world is progressing and developing in unimaginable ways, people have started giving stress on the importance of the way you live your life.

From your social status to your market value, everything depends on how much you earn. To survive in this competitive society, you need to earn better.

Apart from this, having good pay also allows you to live your life in luxury and secure the future of your coming generations. This is why most people have started picking out careers which will help them earn better.

What are the Top Paying Tech Jobs Today?

It is no surprise that medical and IT fields have the best paying jobs in all the sectors. These are also job categories where there is plenty of opportunities to move up verticially within the organization. Organizations regularly investing in training their employees with skills to match their emerging needs.

Here is a list of the IT jobs if you want high five figures in your paystub. The respective job salary data is taken from PayScale.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist must have knowledge of the following:

    • Languages and technologies like Java, Python, R, SAS, and more
    • They must know how to use analytical tools
    • Knowledge of data models, data mining, Big Data Analytics, Software Development
    • The latest technologies and innovations in the IT field
    • Skills in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Managerial skills to identify business issues and goals

The average salary of a Data Scientist is $95,000 a yearBig IT players like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Wipro Technologies, HCL Technologies, Deloitte, PayPal, Dell, and more are offering jobs to Data Scientists.

If you want to make a career as a Data Scientist, here are some courses that can help: 

  • Data Science Certification Training – R Programming
  • Data Science with SAS Training
  • Data Science with Python

Software Engineer

Software engineers require knowledge about the following:

  • They need to have in-depth knowledge about software architectures
  • They require good programming skills in C, C++, Java, PHP, Spring, Angular, React, Ruby on Rails, and more
  • They need to have strong analytical skills
  • They also require knowledge about data models 

The average salary of a Software engineer or architect is $60,000 a year.

Employers like IBM, Rubicon Project, FINRA, American Management Association, and more are hiring software developers and architects.

Courses that can help:

  • Selenium 3.0 Training
  • Node.js Training
  • Certified Android App Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer – MEAN Stack

Project Manager

Skills required by Project Managers are:

  • Business Analysis knowledge is very important for Project Managers
  • They require knowledge of different technologies and languages like Java, HTML, SQL, Agile Software Development, and more
  • Managerial skills are also necessary to become a Project Manager

The average annual salary of a project manager is $75,000.

Here are some companies who are hiring Project Managers: CISCO, Accenture, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and more.

Certificates and courses that may help:

  • PMP® Plus
  • PMP® Certification
  • CBAP®-Certified Business Analysis Professional

DevOps Engineer

Some skills required by DevOps engineers are:

  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Service
  • Software Development 
  • Understanding of network operations
  • Knowledge of different operating systems 
  • Knowledge of different platforms and tools like Git and Jenkins

DevOps engineers enjoy an average annual salary of $137,000. DevOps was the highest recruited job of the year 2018.

Here are some courses that help you become a DevOps engineer:

  • DevOps certification training
  • DevOps Architect
  • Salt Training Course

Big Data Architect

Here are some skills required by Big Data Architects:

  • Knowledge about technologies like data warehousing, NoSQL, Hadoop, and more
  • They require good programming skills and knowledge of coding
  • They need excellent data visualization skills
  • They also need managerial skills and communication skills

The average annual salary of Big Data Architects is $123,000. 

Companies hiring Big Data Architects are Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, and more.

Here are some courses that will help you become expert Big Data Architects:

  • Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer
  • Big Data Engineer

IoT Architect

IoT Architects should have the following skills:

  • Complete knowledge of programming
  • Knowledge of different technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Knowledge of hardware designing and architecture

An IoT architect earns an average annual salary of $111,000.

AI Engineer

These skills are highly desired from AI Engineer:

  • Strong programming skills
  • Knowledge of languages and technologies like Python, R, SAS, and more
  • Knowledge of Machine learning, Deep learning, Data Science and more

An AI Engineer can expect an annual salary of $171,000.

Top AI companies like Amazon Web Service, IBM, Google AI, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and more are hiring AI Engineers.

Here are some AI courses which are highly valued in the IT market:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • RPA with UiPath Certification Training
  • Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Training Course

Cloud Architect

Some skills that are required to become a Cloud Architect are:

  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Service
  • DevOps engineering
  • Knowledge about Systems Architecture
  • Knowledge about IT Infrastructure and Business Analysis
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing

The average salary of a Cloud Solutions Architect is $154,000.

Top companies like Amazon and Wipro are hiring cloud solutions architects.

Some courses that can make you expect cloud solutions architects are:

  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Certified Associate: Azure Administrator (AZ-100 and AZ-101)

Full-Stack Developer

Full Stack developers are highly paid IT professionals. Here are some mandatory skills required by Full Stack Developers:

  • Knowledge of different technologies like MongoDB, Angular JS, React JS, Express JS and more
  • Knowledge about web development
  • Knowledge of scripting and programming languages
  • Knowledge about databases
  • Skilled in client-side as well as server-side development

The average annual pay of a Full Stack developer is $110,000.

Companies who are hiring Full Stack Developers: Weinvest, CallHub, Tracxn!, NanoNets, and more.

White-Hat Hackers

Information security engineers and White Hat Hackers are responsible for keeping a company’s information safe from malicious hackers and other threats. 

Here are some skills desired by Ethical/White Hat Hackers:

  • Knowledge of Cyber Security, Software testing, network support, web security and more
  • Knowledge about systems architecture and security policies and procedures
  • Knowledge about programming languages
  • Skilled in security risk management

The average salary of a White Hat Hacker is $131,300.

Here are some popular companies hiring Cyber Security expert: Wipro Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Paladion Networks, EY (Ernst & Young), Infosys Limited.

Courses that can help you become an expert Ethical hacker are:

  • CompTIA Security+ 501
  • CEH (V10)- Certified Ethical Hacker
  • CISA®- Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CHFI-Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification course

Blockchain Engineer

As blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular and the availability of blockchain engineers is low, they are one of the highly paid IT professionals.

Here are some skills required by BlockChain Engineers:

  • Knowledge of technologies like Ripple, R3, Bitcoin and more
  • Knowledge of cloud computing
  • Understanding of Data Analysis, Data Modeling, logistics 
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) skills

A Blockchain Engineers earns an average of $130,000 a year.

Here are some courses which can help you sharpen your Blockchain skills:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Blockchain

Product Manager

The products that are built by engineers cannot survive in the market without proper management. A project manager takes part in all processes of a product lifecycle and ensures that the product does not fail in the market.

Some key skills required by Product Managers are:

  • Complete knowledge of Product Lifecycle Models and Management
  • Skilled in product management tools like JIRA, Asana and more
  • Strong managerial skills 

The average annual salary you can expect as a Product Manager is $100,000 a year.

Salesforce Developer

A good Salesforce Developer is expected to have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of Software development, RESTful Web services, Data Analysis, CRM and more
  • Web development skills and knowledge of different programming languages like Python, HTML, JavaScript, SQL
  • Project Management skills and knowledge of Enterprise System Development is also important

The average salary of a Salesforce developer with 1 to 3 years of experience is $59,000 – $105,000. 

Companies hiring Salesforce developers are: Accenture, Cognizant Infosys, Cognizant, Deloitte, Wipro

Some popular Salesforce courses and certifications are:

  • Salesforce Administrator & App Builder
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex and Visualforce)

These were the top 13 high paying IT jobs which are a great career choice in today’s world. More IT fields like Agile and Scrum Development, Digital Marketing, and more have great career prospects and pay scales too. 

If you are interested in these fields, you should start preparing and master your skills by taking up certifications and courses. Become an expert in your field and get better jobs and higher pay!

This is a guest post by Mohsin Ali Khan. He is a SEO Team Lead at Simplilearn concentrating on two major categories Project Management and Cloud Computing. A writer and SEO strategist by day and he is passionate to bring in the best SEO optimized page / content for the readers that are based on facts and research. He values curious minds and scrambles to learn new things.

Tips To Create A Mobile App For Your Business

Mobile apps have become a part and parcel of our lives. This modern technology is strengthening its hold in the business world too. At this point, apps are becoming a part of every conceivable business.

While developing an app can be a challenging task, it has become increasingly essential for businesses to have one. It becomes all the more necessary if you are running your business on a website because you are missing out on a lot of opportunities as the potential audience is spending more and more time on mobile apps. HostingFacts states that 52.2 percent of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices now.

How to create a Mobile app for your business

There are many business mobile apps that increases productivity and offer you a platform to conduct a variety of business processes at a single place, for example, promoting your product, earning revenue by advertising, offering coupons and discounts and if your customers find your app engaging they will spread the word and grow your brand awareness in the market. Due to its countless benefits for businesses, let’s have a look at various things to keep in mind when developing a business mobile app :

1)Identifying the problem

The first step to creating an app for your business is to identify the problem that your app resolves. You need to identify the potential of your business idea by looking at the market needs. Also, you need to decide the message which you are communicating to your audience through your app and the marketing channels you will use to do so.

You can start by looking for insights and stats and asking questions on forums. Then you can go on to build a lean version of your app, also known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and collect the feedback from people.

2)Conducting Market Research

Market research determines the feasibility of your app. Many apps fail miserably simply because the developers skipped market research. Therefore, you need to develop a feasibility report before developing an app.

Your app needs to satisfy two goals :

  • Your business Goals
  • And the goals of your ideal users

Keeping these objectives in mind while developing a feasibility report helps you to develop your app according to the market scenario and increases its chances of being successful over the competition.

3) Defining your business model- freemium

There are many ways to monetize your apps but people increasingly prefer free apps. That’s why the freemium model is quite a successful model to grow your user base. You can always monetize later with in-app purchases and other advertising methods to generate revenue.

While every business model has its benefits and drawbacks you can start by looking at what your competitors are doing right and also what they might possibly be doing wrong.

Not every app has to generate large amounts of revenue, sometimes apps that are designed to solve an enterprise problem helps the business by cutting operational costs and saving time in processes.

4)Provide Features of value

Do not think of your app as a copy of your website, think of it as a separate product. You need to develop an idea that reflects your core business values and build your most prominent app features around that.

At first, the abundance of features might seem like a good idea but its usually not. Users need the simplest way to solve their problems. You need to have a clear vision about your core features because with each added option your app will become more complex and more expensive.

5)Choosing the Right Technology

An app’s quality is directly related to its success and to make an impactful app you need to decide the technology that best fits your requirement. For example, developing for iOS provides better monetization opportunities while it’s difficult to get more downloads and revenue from android apps.

That’s why you need to select the right technology, and there are three main options you can choose from

  • Native apps – Apps that are coded for specific platforms i.e.either for Android or iOS.
  • Cross-platform Native apps- Apps that share common software development kits but can still run natively.
  • Hybrid apps- Apps that are compatible with all operating systems and devices.

6)Creating A Simple And Intuitive UI/UX

Expecting the users to learn to navigate through your app is counterproductive. Instead, you should strive to make a user interface (UI) that is intuitive and provides good user experience (UX) and makes them come back to your app.

Adhering to simplicity is the way to go when designing your app as a simple yet effective design ensures that users will stick to your app and are more likely to recommend it to new users. Bottom line is that you need to follow the KISS principle – “Keep it simple, stupid.”

7)Providing Security

An unprotected app poses an imminent threat to the data of your users.

If your app handles personal data like banking information, medical records and other sensitive information it becomes more critical that you have safeguards built around to protect the data.

Use encryption, cryptography, token validation, and safe communication standards to make sure that the data is not leaked to a prying hacker.

8)Maintaining Regularity

Do not forget about making constant improvements and communicating with your customers.

Users are happy with providing constructive feedbacks and you should fix the bugs or problems with your apps accordingly.

Moreover, Apple and Google update their operating systems every year you need to ensure that your app is coherent with the recent changes in the OS.

Wrapping Up

Creating a mobile app for your business will help you to grow your stronghold among your niche audience. It makes your business processes simpler and helps you to drive more revenue and engagement. Design an app that reflects your business and has all the required features.

We hope the above tips help you with creating an effective app for your business.

Stay Tuned!

Author Bio:-

Twinkle is the product head of MobileAppDaily and keeps a close eye on the latest and trending tech releases. With her wise taste of the tech industry, she has single-handedly created a recognizable brand image.

Serverless Cloud Computing And Its Benefits

Serverless computing provides a platform which allows the developers to execute code in response to certain events without facing any complexity in building and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. These codes are usually used in conjunction with codes written in traditional server style, like microservices. For instance, part of web application can be written as both as microservices as well as serverless codes. These serverless codes are activated with the help of specific events such as registration with Amazon Cognito or can also be activated by configuring to run behind an Application Programming Interface (API) platform.

Even though there is a word “serverless” in the term “serverless computing”, but it should be remembered that this platform does require servers to run the code. The word “serverless” is used to signify that, the organization or an individual does not need to purchase, rent or provision any server or even virtual machines to develop an application.

One of the attraction of serverless computing deployment is that the cloud customer need to pay, only for the service usage and not for any of the cost associated with idle time or down-time. 

Benefits of serverless computing

It is important to understand that despite the old way of computing which works fine, why would a developer go through the trouble of building a software through serverless computing. The following benefits are the key reasons which can provide an explanation for this.

Simplified management of operations

Serverless computing platforms are meant to provide clear distinction between the infrastructure services and the applications that are running at the upper end of the platform. Thus, the automatic scaling functionality of serverless computing (also known as Function as a Service) not only helps in reducing the computing cost, but also helps in reducing the operational management overheads. Thus, it allows the System engineers and the Software Requirement Engineers to focus on managing and running the underlying platform along with the core services like load balancers and databases.

Packaging and deploying a serverless computing system is easier as compared to the deployment of an entire server. As serverless computing system has no requirement of continuous delivery, continuous integration, and containerization tool thus, enabling the developers to write the code directly in the vendor console and therefore, there is no need of system administration in case of fully serverless solutions.

Reduction in operational cost

Serverless computing saves money, in terms of both, the computing power as well as the human resources. For a developer, it is important to understand that in case of serverless computing you need to pay only for the time your function or functions are running and since, you don’t run the app 24/7, this is a considerable cost saving.

From the perspective of a big company with the huge collection of apps, APIs and microservices, there is continuous resource utilization, no matter whether those resources are currently in use or not. With the help of serverless computing, the company can execute the function for any number of apps in demand and share all the resources, without running the apps 24/7 thus, it reduces idle time to almost zero and provides a fast response time. Therefore, with the introduction of serverless computing, the days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for servers are gone.

Ease of innovation

Serverless computing has alleviated the problems of system engineering and its underlying platform, thus making it easy for product engineers to innovate at a rapid pace. This less time for operations translates into a smooth application of agile methodologies which is highly attractive to enterprise cloud users.

Serverless computing can handle the regular concerns of the internet facing applications such as identity management, storage, etc. Thus, with the ease of innovation through serverless computing due to its various features, it’s not a dream but the reality that product engineers can thereby focus on developing the actual business logic of the application.

An interesting fact about serverless computing is that, it is not meant to replace the existing delivery models rather, it complements them. The world’s largest online media streaming provider, Netflix planned to reduce the rate of errors and save time by replacing the inefficient processes and use AWS lambda to build rule based self-managing infrastructure. Thus, serverless computing seems to provide a promising future in the betterment of computing scenario.

What Features You Need In A Sales Team Collaboration Software

Sales is one of the few departments in an organization that is considered a profit center – that is, they bring money to the company while other departments like HR, operations or IT is mainly focused on sustenance and operational  activities.

Not surprisingly then, business managers seldom think twice before investing in software applications that can make their sales team better. While this inevitably helps your sales teams do better, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

New software tools come with their own learning curve. Investing in multiple software applications would then mean a lot of time that is spent in learning how to do stuff. A lot of times, the software you invest in may not be the right one for your team. This means a lot of time is also spent in unlearning and relearning.

Why your software tools is not the right one for your team

There are two reasons why business users change their software tools. The first and the most common reason is poor needs assessment. Decision makers in the company use internal surveys to gauge needs and pick a tool accordingly. However, the results of these surveys are heavily influenced by the questions you put up. Consequently, this is a case of ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’ – poor surveying results in misleading results which cause the team to pick the wrong tools.

The second reason is evolving business needs. Let’s take the example of a startup team that has grown from a dozen SDRs (Sales Development Reps) to a 100 in over a year. Software tools that are handy for a small team does not work for large teams. If you have signed up a lengthy contract with the service provider, you are likely to be using apps that are ill-fitting to your business needs. The result is an inefficient sales team that does not perform to its potential.

Finding your business needs

There is a reason why many businesses fail to demonstrate results even with the best and most expensive apps. The first rule of business is to pick software applications that will complement your processes and not supplement them.

To put this in other words, the software you pick must help you carry out processes much in the same way as you normally do; only more efficiently. Expecting your sales team to change their ways or processes in order to use an app can be a disastrous decision.

There is another reason why this is important. As we pointed out earlier in this article, there are several reasons why a business has to switch from one service provider to another. Picking an app that requires your sales team to change their working process would mean disrupting their routine each time and this requires a lot of unlearning and relearning. This is a productivity sink.

That being said, what features should your sales team collaboration software need? Here are a few points.

Conversation consolidation: This is by far the most important feature that your sales team needs; especially big ones where a prospect talks to multiple contacts over the course of the sales cycle.

For instance, a prospect may have left a message on your website and may have talked first to an inbound sales agent. They may have passed the contact to a sales associate in charge of gathering requirements. Once the requirements have been gathered, the prospect may then be transferred to  the Operations rep in charge of proposing a solution.

Your CRM application must serve to consolidate conversation across all these different stakeholders. This allows anybody in the team to track progress and plan the cycle for your client.

Process alignment: Your sales team is just one cog in the wheel of all business operations. As such, it is important to ensure seamlessness between the processes followed by your sales team and those followed by other departments in your organization.

The core objective of using a business process management application is to take a step back and ensure business process alignment among various teams. Ensure you pick a BPM software that allows this alignment to happen without a substantial change in processes.


Remote working: Sales teams across large enterprises are spread over several zones and geographies. A lot of  these teams in smaller zones operate remotely with no real “office”. Collaboration among team members in such a setup needs to be planned after considering the impact it has on remote workers.

An ideal digital workplace is device agnostic and can help sales teams effectively collaborate over any device through a multitude of communication channels like chat, email, video conferences and phone call.

Centralized document management: Sales processes come with a lot of repeatable tasks like creating proposals, sharing product samples, sending follow up emails, and so on. Efficient knowledge management processes would require organizations to create optimized process and templates for each step of the journey. This way, an individual SDR does not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating a sales pitch that converts the best.

In addition to this, it is also important for an organization to have a centralized document management system for all departments. This allows a marketing team to share content that will aid an SDR in closing the deal. Similarly, this helps a sales  team member transition the prospect to the team in charge of onboarding a customer.

Pick file sharing tools that are on the cloud and work across different devices. They must also let users quickly search for specific files and folders from across the entire repository. Most importantly, you should use a tool that integrates with your existing home directories so that it does not disrupt your current work process.

We are merely scratching the surface here in terms of the features that a sales team might need for collaboration. However, they establish a strong fundamental for collaboration which is essential to a highly productive workforce.


10 Best Induction Cooktops In India For 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for the best quality induction cooktop? You have reached the right platform to make your choice. Induction cooktops have turned out to be the superior choice to contemporary kitchens in Indian households. Compared to other electric and gas cooktops, it is a better option, as it relies on magnetic induction. Some of us choose this appliance for energy efficiency. What’s more, the availability of induction cooktops at a reasonable price is another reason to buy this gadget.

Induction cooktop follows the principle of magnetic induction to heat your cooking pan. As the heat starts conducting to your pan, this innovative technology works faster. Your cooktop remains cool while you are using it. The absence of any flame for heat generation is another advantageous trait of the induction cooktop. Within a very short time, it produces a lot of heat. 

We have read the reviews of various customers who have bought induction cooktop. Based on those reviews, we have picked the best induction cooktops for you.

  1. Philips Viva HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop 2100-Watt

Philips has offered one of the stylish and perfectly designed induction cooktops. This sleek cooktop is made of the durable microcrystal plate to ensure consistent heating. This 2100W induction cooktop makes your cooking process faster. Moreover, electromagnetic induction technology helps in retaining the nutrients of your food. After your everyday cooking activity, you may easily clean the cooktop.

This cooktop panel includes six preset menus, helping you to cook Indian recipes. You may use oil-boiling pots, stainless steel pots, water jugs and rice cooker with this cooktop. The touch-start button enables you in activating the cooktop. In addition, you can find a push-button for controlling the system. This lightweight cooktop is easy to move and store at any place. 

The surface is cool to touch, and you can easily manage the cooktop. The system comes with a cord of about 1.2 meter. Electricity flows smoothly through this cord.


  • Auto-off program for cooking foods safely
  • Time setting system (0 to 3 hours)
  • Easy to program
  • Comfortable to cook food


  • Sometimes can vibrate
  1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop1800-Watt

The Pigeon Cruise, another induction cooktop model of 1800W, has become popular to several customers. This elegant looking cooktop has a trendy design, and it does not consume much space in your kitchen. The LED display is highly advanced, as it includes temperature and power settings. Control the power and temperature with the use of this LED screen. For busy users, this induction cooktop is the right choice. Set the time and then let the system properly cook the food for you. The system automatically becomes deactivated as per your timer.

The panel also includes options for increasing or decreasing the mode level. The dual heat sensor is a special technology, used for the induction cooktop. The technology also helps you in saving more than 90% of energy.

The cord, included in the package, is 1.3 meter in length. The high-standard electrical elements of this package prevent the risk of short circuits. The top plate is capable of enduring high temperatures.


  • High heating efficiency
  • Easily portable
  • Hands-free cooking
  • Automatic switch-off 


  • Sound issues
  1. Prestige Omega Granite Induction Cooktop 3 piece set 

When you are looking for a comprehensive package of the induction cooktop and cookware pieces, you may choose this product. With 230V of current, this cooktop performs its function smoothly. The push-button, present in the panel, helps you to control the appliance.

For saving power, the manufacturer has integrated an automatic voltage regulating system. Another positive trait of this induction cooktop is the aerodynamic cooling technology.

The vessel to be placed on the cooktop must have an induction base. Its diameter should be at least 12 cm. While you have chosen the wrong vessel, you may find an error message.

Now, the cookware pieces also provide you with long-lasting value. They have a spatter-coated, non-stick surface, making it easier to clean. You may use a metal spoon with them. You can place the cookware not only on the induction cooktops but also on the gas cooktops. 


  • Provided the guidelines for troubleshooting
  • German technology-based cookware set
  • Dishwasher Safe cookware
  • Granite-finish coating applied on the cookware pieces


  • Glass lid is not very durable 
  1. Prestige PIC 16.0+ Induction Cooktop 1900- Watt 

We have chosen another reliable induction cooktop from Prestige. The consistent and faster heating capacity is one of the notable aspects of this induction cooktop.

Moreover, the system has an anti-magnetic wall and aerodynamic cooling system. The engine performs in the best way. The fan continues its function although you have switched off the appliance. Thus, the cooktops cool down very fast.

The appliance is compatible with Induction base cookware, and the diameter of the cookware base has to range from 12 cm to 26 cm. Like other induction cooktops, it also has dual heat sensor.

Integrated with timer, the cooktop also includes a pause function to provide you with the convenience. You can turn off your cooking hob temporarily. While you have turned it on, it will resume the cooking temperature very fast. Furthermore, Prestige PIC 16.0+ comes with the power-saving technology. It can control the level of power based on your vessel size.


  • Best for cooking Indian dishes
  • Pause and restart anytime
  • Regulates voltage
  • Computer controlling system


Power button is a little hard to press

  1. Havells Insta Cook RT 1400 watts 

It is now easy to prepare tasty foods with Havells induction cooktop. The stylish looking cooktop is full of innovative features. You can conveniently cook your everyday meals with this appliance. The panel of this induction cooktop includes four cooking options- Manual, gravy/dal, deep fry and boil.

You may use the timer to preset the time while cooking the foods. The time can range from 0 to 2 hours. Also, the soft-touch buttons simplify the operations. There are controls for adjusting the power level.

Intelligent and in-built programming mechanism has made this cooktop unique. The appliance will control the temperature level based on your cooking purpose. Some dishes need variable cooking, while others must have a fixed cooking style. For every case, you will find this induction cooking to be much useful.


  • User-friendly digital LED screen
  • Black, attractive induction cooktop
  • Eco-friendly choice- No flame
  • Special sensor for auto-pan detection


  • No negative comment from customers
  1. V-Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop 2000-Watt

V-Guard VIC-15 can be one of the best additions to your modern kitchen. The digital screen is easy to read, and it displays four digits for showing the status of cooking activities. The innovatively designed cooktop protects its mechanism from the fluctuation of voltage and other electrical effects.

You may use the induction cooktop for preparing dosa, idli and chapati, for heating milk, for boiling water and slow cooking purpose. For cooking any type of dish, you can choose to rely on the timer feature. You may set the timer of up to 4 hours. While the set time is over, the cooktop automatically becomes deactivated.

The power level is easily adjustable. You will get eight options for setting the power. For various types of cooking activities, there is a need for varying power levels. That is why the manufacturer has integrated this feature to the induction cooktop.

The crystalline glass, used for the gadget, endures the high level of temperatures. Besides, it has a quality finish, helping you to clean the surface very easily. The copper coil for running the cooktop is also durable.


  • Made of high-grade materials
  • Energy and voltage consumption indicator
  • Preset cooking functions


  • Hard-ionized utensils do not work with this cooktop
  1. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7

Bajaj has offered one of the feature-rich induction cooktops. This 1900 W cooktop is best for all types of cooking purposes. For its compact design, lots of customers have chosen it. Although it is a compact model, it has a spacious heating surface. You can place the bigger pans on it.

The Tact-switch control is one of the features, helping you to adjust the cooking time to prepare various dishes. The touch panel of this cooktop is very stylish. The stainless steel pots, water jugs and rice cooker, grilling iron plates and cast iron pots are safe with the cooktop.

The Bajaj Majesty induction cooker has 8 Pre-set menus that simplify your cooking process. You may only press one button for preparing the favorite dishes. The preset menu includes- stir fry, hot pot, fry, deep fry, boil, braise, soup and stew. This menu performs the best function, as it helps you in saving your effort and time. 


  • User-friendly design
  • Automatic shut off within a minute in the absence of any vessel
  • Warm mode available 
  • Power button indicating the amount of power consumed at the time of cooking


  • Button materials must be of better quality
  1. Sunflame Sf-Ic09 2000 W Induction Cooker

Sunflame has manufactured high-quality induction cooker, having high power efficiency. This cooktop does not consume high amount of electricity. However, it still produces much amount of heat, needed to cook foods. This 2000 W Induction Cooker has the potential of preventing unnecessary heat generation due to the presence of Aerodynamic Cooling System. Thus, you can use the system safely.

Crystal Glass Plate, used for the cooktop, helps in producing the consistent amount of heat. You will get perfectly cooked food. Thus, Sunflame has offered highly reliable appliance, performing at a superb level. 

The preset menu helps you to cook various Indian dishes within a short time. In addition, the system also includes Dual Heat Sensors to ensure the right amount of heat, applied to your food. The soft push controls are easy to use, and you can adjust the temperature and power. Moreover, the system includes an auto cut-off feature.


  • Quality glass plate
  • Cooling mechanism
  • Elegant and sturdy design


  • Vibration and sound problems
  1. Preethi Excel Plus 117 1600-Watt 

Preethi induction cooker is one of the innovatively designed appliances for a modern kitchen. Cook your food with one simple touch on the menu. You can find separate controls, including boil, slow cook, idli, roti, fry, milk, tea, gravy and manual. You may place the bigger vessels on the heating base. In addition, the induction cooktop is highly durable, and its ceramic plate has the capacity of enduring the high level of temperature. However, make sure that you have used the flat bottom vessel. The cooktop will not be able to heat up other types of vessels.

The system needs 230 volts for operation. The cord, included in the package, is very long to give you convenience in connecting it to the plug. 

The customer service from Preethi is also good, and you will be able to solve your queries on the cooktop.


  • Safe to operate
  • Lengthy cord
  • Easy to use
  • Preset menu


  • No complaints
  1. Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction Cooker 1400-Watt

In the world of electronic appliance, Bajaj has earned a high status. Thus, we have chosen the best induction cooktop model from Bajaj. This 1400W induction cooker with stylish design is easy to use. The novices would face no challenges in dealing with it. The LED screen clearly displays the control. The menu includes 7 preset options. Touch the right option on the menu to boil water, cook rice, prepare soup, idli and curry, heat milk, deep fry anything and pressure cook the ingredients. Thus, you will get fun in your everyday cooking activities. Among other controls, you can find timer. Preset the time for cooking the desired food. In addition, there are tact switch controls and a separate on/off button.

The crystal glass with the semi-polished surface has a dimension of 250 mm by 250 mm. You must not touch the plate after cooking anything. This plate remains hot and can injure you.


  • Preset menus
  • LED screen with clear controls
  • Low energy consumption


  • Few users have found it tough to use the system 

Guide to buy the best induction cooktop

Buying quality induction cooktop is not easy. You have to check out the following features while buying the appliance. 

Features that enable you to cook food safely and properly

  • Safety sensor

It helps in assessing the temperature level at the base of the cookware. When you have left the empty pan on the cooking zone, this feature performs its function. The safety sensor also helps in adjusting the power output for avoiding your cookware damage. 

  • Automatic switch-off

It is one of the special features, effective for turning off the element automatically while there is an overheating issue. Most of the models have this special feature.

  • Automatic heat-up

It is another innovative feature, intended for heating the cooking space to some higher setting. It automatically follows the preset option. This feature is helpful while cooking different foods. For instance, at the time of cooking rice, you can initially boil rice and simmer it later.

  • Safety cutout

Safety cutout is another important feature to let you cook food without any risk. While you have switched on the cooking zone for a longer period without adjusting the temperature, the system becomes deactivated automatically. The lower setting means cooking zone, remains activated for a longer period. Thus, when you think of cooking continuously, you can choose the cooktop, having longer safety cutout time.

  • Power management

Some cooking zones have a higher wattage, and thus, power manager helps in splitting power level between different cooking zones. You can set the optimum power level only for a particular cooking zone. For another zone, the power level has to be low.

  • Protection from overflows

The best cooktop produces the beep sound or shuts down the system while the water, milk or any other liquid is overflowing the controls. You have to wipe out this spill and restart your cooking activities. However, you must treat the cooking surface thoroughly by cleaning the gaps and cracks. 

  • Pan detector

While there is no pan, your induction cooktop won’t perform its function. Similarly, if you have removed the pan from the cooking surface, the system will stop its operation, and you will find an alert notification. Conversely, this alert goes away while you have put back the pan to the right place. You will also see the symbol for using the wrong cookware. After displaying the sign, the cooktop deactivates itself.

  • Touch controls

Instead of the conventional style control knobs, there are touch controls on the induction cooktop. Those cooktops enable you in altering the temperature level with the simple touch on the glass-made surface. Touch controls work best while you are merging your kitchen benchtop to the cooktop.

  • How many cooking zones do your cooktops have?

An induction cooktop with a width of 60cm provides you with more than 3 cooking zones. Thus, you will have much amount of space for preparing your everyday meals. Moreover, the wider induction cooktops have more cooking zones. You may prepare much amount of food at a time.

What’s more, the wide cooktop is capable of accommodating the bigger pans and pots. Hence, it is best for growing families.

  • Automatic detection of pan size 

The sophisticated induction cooktops have this unique feature, and they can quickly identify the cookware shape and size, used by you. It is a unique feature, enabling the cooker to have energy efficiency.

  • Choosing the size of induction cooker

Size is one of the most critical factors to the induction cooktop buyers. The smallest models have a width of about 30 cm. However, the biggest one can be almost 90 cm. Although you may find a difference in the cooktop models, most of the buyers look for 60 cm induction cooktop with 4 cooking zones. 

When you need to replace your older cooktop, you have to take the measurement of the space. While you are in search of one cooking zone, you may invest in the compact models. These models are highly portable, and you can move them from one site to another. 

  • Child locking system

It is one of the safety features, integrated to most of the models. The child lock option prevents your children from dealing with the buttons or controls in any way.

  • Timer

The automatic timer is best for busy users. This is present in most of the sophisticated models. You can activate the timer feature for switching off the system automatically. There is no need to observe the cooking process a number of times. However, you must specify the right time with the timer. You may read the instructions of the manufacturer.

  • Pot Compatibility

The use of right pots is highly important to get the optimized benefit from the induction cooktop. You have to check out the compatibility of the pot with the chosen cooker. The vessel and pot, placed on the cooktop, must have magnetic conducting design or ferrous bottom. It ensures the proper conduction of heat. The stainless-steel cookware with cast iron base is best for induction cookers. It is also essential to find out the minimum size of the pot base that works properly with your induction cooktop.

  • Does induction cooktop produce noise?

Induction cooking process is noiseless, as the system’s electrical coil generates energy silently. The device has no moving part. The cooktop also has a cooling fan in its interior side. However, the fan may cause some noise. Moreover, while the power level is high, the lightweight vessels have slight vibrations. 

  • Power Ratings of the cooktop

While preparing any dish, you need to adjust the power level for heating the ingredients precisely. You have to check the power levels of the modern induction cooktops. Thus, you must choose the right power setting for cooking the food. For instance, 1800 W induction cooker has 10 power levels, and the lowest level can be 200 W.

  • Pre-set Menus for Induction Cooker

The menus are intended for definite dishes. The common options, included in the menu, are – boil, heat milk, deep fry, fry, idli, grill and stir-fry.

Now, it is the right time to purchase the best induction cooktops of a reliable brand. Read our above guide and choose any of the products to make your deal.

How To Pitch Your Tech Startup

Want to successfully pitch your tech startup to get that funding? Well, memorizing mission statements, highlighting groundbreaking features and displaying impressive 3D models won’t be enough. Instead, you need to work on your storytelling strategy to inspire those willing to participate. Use this as a guide to know how to be a good storyteller and shine during your pitch.

Since their purpose is to bring technology to people, tech startuppers often focus on the innovation factor and tech details. Though this is, of course, relevant for your product or service, information may get lost in a sea of numbers and specs. Your audience may not be so excited about getting a ton of data since it may feel cold and unappealing. 

Tales Aren’t Just for Children

Don’t get me wrong, information is fine but there’s a craft for talking about it and making it interesting. It doesn’t have to be a straight-up fairytale, just have the structure of a story. Let me put it this way: we hear, read, and watch stories all the time on the internet, the news, with your neighbors, next to someone waiting for the bus, during lunch at work…  but not all of them are interesting to you. 

To get that funding after a pitch, learn to master the art of storytelling by making it emotionally appealing to a certain audience and, of course, without losing the focus of selling your idea, which is essentially the main goal. 

There are plenty of marketing strategies for startups. Some are more aggressive than others, and not all of them are suitable for every kind of business. When it comes to inspiring potential partners or investors in the technology industry, storytelling marketing is a powerful, low-cost strategy that can work wonders for startup tech companies

To Captivate, Write Your Story

Everyone has their own vision of things, be sure to ask your team for ideas and powerful insights. Write down interesting facts and details that you’ve found along the way, how you found the right people to develop your technology product or service, the struggles you’ve faced, the lessons you’ve had so far, and how your team operates now. 

Pay special attention to funny, challenging, or even sad events that made your startup grow. These interesting anecdotes will be useful for writing your core story and boost the human factor of it. We’ve all made mistakes and faced adversities, and ultimately learned from them.  

Regardless of the topic, follow these essential steps every good story should have. Try to keep things organized so you know where to finish and don’t spend too much time on other narrative lines. Stick to one narrative line, remember that pitches often last a few minutes. 

Your story should be suitable for both experts and people who are not really familiar with your startup’s approach. 

  • Bring a character to life. It can be a person, a fantasy, or sci-fi character or even an object. Incorporate a few characters but keep it cool since too many may be confusing and distracting. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to talk about your startup. 
  • Create an incident. An interesting story is built by actions and key events, not so much on descriptions and dialogue, or irrelevant events that have no connection to the goal of the main characters. Make things happen in your story. 
  • Get to the point. Explain the problem you’re solving and what your startup is doing to solve it. Why is this important for people’s lives? Highlight the reason for this marketing opportunity and how your service or product is something that’s missing or not working.

Have a clear outcome and provide a message that doesn’t leave out key information. At the same time, keep your audience wanting to know more about your startup. 

To Engage, Illustrate Your Story

Remember when you were a kid and you enjoyed going over and over the same illustrated books? Well, things haven’t changed that much in terms of visual attention. Work on visual storytelling to build the strongest message possible. 

If you’re starting from scratch, sketch a storyboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional artist, you just need to translate your ideas onto paper so they’re clear for everyone participating. You can even use one of many storyboarding apps to help you out. 

Besides illustrations and good pictures, make sure you include your graphic branding elements such as an appropriate color palette and logo. If you still don’t have one, use a logo maker, which can save you a lot of time when creating a logo design

Startup pitch

To Influence, Practice Your Story

Mirror mirror on the wall… Is my startup pitch ready? Before meeting the investors, practice along with your team, make changes, avoid overdoing it, but most of all… feel your story! A well-rehearsed pitch will feel more natural when you master every part of it and work on the tone variations as if you were telling any kind of story in front of an audience. 

Remember those days when you used to hear storytellers and they kept the kids interested in the ups and downs of a tale? That’s how you want to resonate with your audience. Define the tone you want for it: dramatic, humorous, serious… or even scary, if you’re planning on giving it a twist! 

Now You Wish upon a Startup 

Once you’re ready to pitch, it’s time to release the real magic, get inspired, and enjoy the pitch! You got this far after hours of hard work and, if you’re confident about it, the outcome should be positive.

The story doesn’t have word-by-word identical to what you first wrote. You can take little breaks, improvise and make some side comments, just don’t waste too much time on them. Keep the basic structure in your mind –or on a small piece of paper– and everything will be fine. 

In a room full of people, know that people want to be part of a story, and your future investors are no exception. Globally known successful startups have done this. Be confident about your story and you will live happily ever after… or at least get that funding for your startup!