Technology Companies Ad Spending Statistics

According to a recent report by Kantar Media, a subsidiary of WPP, Microsoft was the largest advertiser among technology companies in 2009. The report claims that Microsoft spent $518 million or 0.9% of their total revenues in advertising. While the other companies spent lesser, when accounted in terms of the percent of revenue spent […]

Mobile Phone Manufacturers Market Share And Ranking

IDC has published their latest report on the state of mobile phone growth worldwide. One of the biggest take-aways from the recent study is the emergence of Research In Motion, the company behind Blackberry as one of the top manufacturers.
RIM entry into the top five ranking has pipped Motorola out of the league. Here are […]

Microsoft TV Recommendation Engine

Microsoft TV is a small segment of the Redmond based company that develops software products for the television industry. This includes UltimateTV, a DirecTV receiver and IPTV edition. In a recent patent filed at the USPTO, Microsoft has sought to bolster its product offerings with an interesting recommendation engine. Inspired by the recommendation algorithm incorporated … Continue reading “Microsoft TV Recommendation Engine”

Is iPad A Disappointment, Joke And Flop!?

I have not been a great fan of the iPad. And so it was delightful that when I went searching for “iPad apps” on Google Search, I was prompted for “iPad a Disappointment“. Dig further into Google’s search suggestions and you see a lot many more searches from disappointed users. As it should be obvious … Continue reading “Is iPad A Disappointment, Joke And Flop!?”

Microsoft Smartphone On Verizon Launching Next Month?

Microsoft’s Project Pink is well and alive according to an inside source. Reuters cites the source as being informed of a Microsoft branded smartphone hitting the US market by “late spring or early summer“. According to the claims, the phone shall run on Verizon Wireless and shall be targeted at the heavy social networkers. We … Continue reading “Microsoft Smartphone On Verizon Launching Next Month?”

Paid Android Apps For Canada Next Week

Canadian Android smartphone users have had a long wait to get access to the paid app section on the Android marketplace; nine months to be precise. Now there are indications that the standoff could soon come to an end. The Montreal Gazette writes that an announcement regarding this shall probably be made next week. The … Continue reading “Paid Android Apps For Canada Next Week”

Will Google Buy T-Mobile To Enter Telecom Industry?

A recent report by Gerson Lehrman Consulting group has recommended an acquisition of T-Mobile by Internet giant Google. In their recent report, the analysts claim T-Mobile’s rumored decision to generate additional funds to grow their business could be in complete sync with Google’s own ambitions to move into the network connectivity space. T-Mobile, part of … Continue reading “Will Google Buy T-Mobile To Enter Telecom Industry?”

Yahoo’s Predictive Technology Will Display Ads Depending On Your Travel Destination

Exciting. Location-based advertising is not exactly new. But a new patent filed by Yahoo takes it a step further which will help to make advertising a lot more targeted and useful. Imagine that you are in San Francisco and are driving to Los Angeles. A search query for “Best hotels” would normally pick your location … Continue reading “Yahoo’s Predictive Technology Will Display Ads Depending On Your Travel Destination”