OQO Model 3 Review Of Tech Specs And Price

If you have been following the UMPC space, you may be aware of the innovative, yet, ultra-expensive computers made by OQO. The company has been in the business of making ultra-mobile PCs for a long time though recession did hit it hard when the company folded back in May last year.

However, we have heard that the company is back on its knees and is working on a new OQO Model 3 UMPC. The technical specifications of this new device include a 4.8-inches 1024×600 pixel touchscreen display, a QWERTY slide-out keyboard, up to 2GB RAM, Intel GMA 500 graphics, and storage between 32GB and 128GB. The device also offers connectivity via USB ports, HDMI port and an expansion port for VGA/Ethernet connections.

It is not clear if the new OQO Model 3 will launch outside China though that will not make this device any more attractive, especially because of the price – a whopping $2000-$4800.