New Optimus Keyboard Easier To Use Than Optimus Maximus

Art Lebedev, the makers of the popular Optimus Maximus keyboards have announced that the next generation keyboard – the Optimus Popularis keyboard will launch in the markets by 2011. The company has said that these new keyboards will be a lot more responsive and easier to use than the existing model.

Each key on the new Optimus Popularis is a fraction smaller in every direction than the keys on Optimus Maximus. However, the actual touch surface on each key extends till the edge of the keys thus drastically improving the response rate. Art Lebedev has said that the new design keys, with their own LCD displays, will be much more of a pleasure to use.

The Optimus Popularis will launch in 2011 and will let users connect to Macs and PCs besides allowing them to configure keys to perform custom tasks.

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