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Official HDMI Docking Station For HTC EVO 4G Launched

It is now quite a while since the HTC EVO made its first appearance. Now Sprint has finally launched the official HDMI docking station for the Android handset. Starting now, you may pick one of these devices from the Sprint stores in the US at a price of $39.99. The docking station is made with glossy black plastic and has a soft rubber grip at the bottom. You may make use of the docking port to connect your EVO to Type D HDMI ports or to a micro USB.

While the docking port is incredibly good looking and useful, do note that if you have a casing to protect your HTC EVO, you may be in for a little bit of inconvenience. Early reviews point out that even the thinnest of silicone cases make it difficult to dock and sometimes result in a loose connection. Nevertheless, if you do plan on getting one, don’t forget to tell us what you think of the device in the comments below.

HTC EVO HDMI Docking Station

[GoodandEvo via UG]

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