Blackberry Official Twitter Client Launch

Few weeks ago, Twitter launched their official Twitter client for Blackberry users in beta. Appears that the initial test run has been successful. Folks at Crackberry have written in that the official Twitter client for Blackberry will publicly launch on March 31 – that’s less than a week from now. Kevin from Crackberry writes,

“After the keynote this morning I rolled by the BlackBerry booth and stumbled upon the Twitter pod. After some smooth talking (just kidding, no smooth talking required), I was informed that the Official¬†Twitter for BlackBerry client will be rolling out to the public on March 31st.”

I’m not a Blackberry user, but I am just curious that it took so long for Twitter to actually launch an official Twitter app for a platform that is so widely used. Isn’t it a massive opportunity lost? But then, considering that ¬†Twitter makes no money, it appears to be a “better late than never” kind of a thing.

[via Crackberry]