How Many HTC EVO 4G Units Sold Till Now?

300,000 – That’s the number according to a recent report by analysts at the Macquarie group. Despite it being several weeks since the phone launched in the market, the demand for the phone is learned to be soaring still. However, that may still not be happy news for Sprint as the carrier struggles to keep its supplies high enough to meet the demand. The culprit in this case appears to be Samsung.

Samsung Electronics is the manufacturer of OEM components to HTC and the Korean manufacturer is learned to be way behind deadlines when it comes to supply of their components – ┬áthe AMOLED screens as well as the 4.3-inches LCD touchscreen.

Thanks to the supplies woes, it is learned that the proliferation of Android handsets in the US is being severely affected. Google is currently shipping 160,000 Android handsets in a day. But this number could be much higher with popular handsets like EVO 4G enjoying better supply chain.