Fujitsu Android Smartphone On NTT Docomo Launch Next Year

Japanese electronics maker Fujitsu is jumping (again) into the Smartphone bandwagon. According to reports on several domestic newspapers, the company will be launching the Android-powered smartphone on NTT Docomo. The Fujitsu smartphone is expected to hit the stores early next year.

Technically, this is not the first smartphone from Fujitsu. The company has already owned smartphones among its list of offerings in the past. However, Fujitsu has not released smartphones in quite a few years and this will make the launch of the new Android handset interesting.

Though the launch is expected to be limited to NTT Docomo, Japan initially, we have also heard that Fujitsu may be launching its Android smartphone outside Japan moving forward. However, do note that these are plainly speculations at this point and need to be taken with a bit of skepticism for the moment.

Fujitsu shall be merging its cell phone operations with Toshiba later this year.

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