Notion Ink Adam Wi-Fi To Include 802.11n Frequency Band

Rohan Shravan – the chief at the Indian tablet startup company, Notion Ink has made a quick post on the company’s blog letting us know that the Adam tablet PC will include the latest Wireless LAN standards on their device. The Adam was earlier noted to only support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g standards.

Explaining the same, Shravan writes,

“Since we are already in an electromagnetic mesh around us, adding n means a lot! Now you will not have to run around a lot when Microwave is on. (And better range as well)”

The 802.11n standard was ratified just last October and includes newer features like Multi-Input Multi-Output. Not a techie myself and have no clue what that means, but well, didn’t we know that the latest standard brings along better a Wi-Fi range as well?