Notion Ink Adam Warranty, Shipment Fee & Return Policy Explained

More clarity for doubters who thought the Adam might be a scam. One more post from the Notion Ink CEO, Rohan Shravan explaining all the details that customers requested. As he explains, “pre-order was¬†essentially¬†for those who wanted to pre-book before Adam go out of stock (which it has already started for some variants)”. So the real deal was supposed to be showcased only during CES, which is in early January.

Anyway, here are some details you needed to know about the customer policies for Adam

Shipping fee : Notion Ink Adam ships from China, not India. And the shipment fee has been fixed taking into account the variables involved according to the country you live in. While Americans will have to pay $36 for international shipments, Russians will pay $180. Shravan explains that a common $50 will ensure that everybody across the world gets it at the same price.

Warranty : Unlike many other firms that discontinue warranties for products that are shipped outside the country of purchase, Adam is meant to hold its warranty globally. There is a 180 day warranty period for the battery

Refund Policy : Notion Ink has again tried to go by industry standards. Shravan explains that companies Dell request a 15% restocking fee and Toshiba offer a 10 day return period.

There is many more things to read. The official video is coming up on December 18. Stay put until then.