Notion Ink Adam User Interface – Browser Tabs & Panels

Notion Ink Adam is now pretty close to being a reality than ever. As noted in the earlier post, the device is expected – or at least rumored – to launch in December 2010 in the United States and in January 2011 in a number of other countries. In a blog post published recently, founder Rohan Shravan has revealed some finer details about the user interface designs of the Adam.

Firstly, the browser tabs. Notion Ink has a pretty interesting way to handle multitasking on the browser. Unlike Android tablets where the users are forced to  “go hit menu and then “tabs opened” then select the one you want“, Adam has a fanned-list of open windows on the left from where the user can tap and open the window they want. Like the example below.

NotionInk Adam browser

It will be interesting to see how this model works when there is a huge list of open windows.

Another thing that Notion Ink talks about is the panel. Not much is discussed about it right now, though Shravan says that the panel designs will first be reviewed by those getting access to EAP and SDK.

Meanwhile, check out a video demo of Adam’s audio and 1080p video capabilities. The syncing is a bit off, but that’s more so the fault of the filming rather than the device.

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