Notion Ink Adam Unboxing Pictures

If you have ordered a Notion Ink Adam, you should start seeing them in your mailbox anytime in the next couple of days. That’s because Rohan Shravan has posted his own unboxing pictures that he apparently received from the airport today. Shravan notes that Adam units were shipped from China on Wednesday to their main logistics center in Hong Kong. Shipments to the different parts of the world must happen over airĀ from Hong Kong.

In his latest blog post, Shravan also gives us a glimpse into the unboxing. As revealed earlier, the Adam does not exactly come in a rectangular box and instead comes with props that can be used as an Adam stand.

Notion Ink Adam

Interestingly, customers shall be prompted for a firmware update soon after booting that is presumably to incorporate software changes made after the manufacturing process. You can check out all the unboxing images at the Notion Ink blog here.

Adam firmware

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