Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders To Start December 9?

Here is some very interesting information that could either mean an unintended bug on the Notion Ink Adam website or some really juicy news about the tablet’s launch date. If you visit the home page of the website today, you will notice a number on the right corner of the page that reads 1110. Apparently, this space used to display a 1111 yesterday and 10001 a couple of days back. These are binary equivalents for 14, 15 and 17 respectively – some sort of a countdown?

If what we assume is true, then it could mean that Notion Ink Adam shall open up for pre orders starting December 9th. Of course, speaking more optimistically, we could see a launch on this day. But given that the FCC approvals are yet to be cleared, we will stay more realistic.

There are however some unanswered questions here. Another cryptic message beneath these binary numbers don’t resolve to anything significant when I used the hexadecimal-to-text converter tools. And they point to the tech specs sheet. Anyway, this is something interesting and we will look forward to an official announcement soon.

One reply on “Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders To Start December 9?”

Just set the launch date already,before we lose interest in the product, it looks
like is worth the wait, but we are getting
tried of waiting!!!!!!

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