Notion Ink Adam Price & Release Date Revealed?

Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink is quite candid in his blog posts. But we are yet to hear an official confirmation with respect to the launch date and price  of Adam even though the tentative dates and numbers have been doing the rounds. It is thus interesting that the Notion Ink design team has already released some interesting numbers to a potential customer. I for sure cannot guarantee the veracity of these numbers and dates, but this is what the Notion Ink team apparently said in an email response, (as an aside, click here to read through all the info and rumors we have about the Notion Ink Adam till now)

Dear Eli,

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We really appreciate your concern. We would like to inform you that, Adam will be launched in November 2010. It will be available for purchase in the U.S by December 2010 and in other countries by January 2011. You can purchase it online.

The cost of Adam will range from 399 USD to 499 USD depending on the variant you want to buy. There are four variants:
1. LCD with Wi-Fi only ($399),
2. LCD with Wi-Fi and 3G ($449),
3. PQ with Wi-Fi only ($449),
4. PQ with 3G and Wi-Fi ($498).

All have multi-touch facility. We would also suggest you go through our blog and website for all the details which are in the public domain. If you have any specific question we would be happy to reply.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Design Labs

Sounds close enough to be true. What do you think about the prices?

12 thoughts on “Notion Ink Adam Price & Release Date Revealed?”

  1. This is an interesting post. If it were 100% true, however, you’d think we’d be seeing a preorder site showing up some time in the very near future. All I can say is that I’ll be amongst the first in line with my order when the time comes!

  2. I hope so Brad. I love the Galaxy Tab too, but I am just holding on until January so that I can get an Adam..

  3. What a pity, I live in the U.K and think notion ink are making a huge mistake by not launching here in December, January will bring a hike in VAT to 20%, I think the fact that job losses are looming large for the coming year plus the VAT rise will be enough to make people not want to spend any money. Missing the Christmas market here will be a bit of a foot shooting exercise.

  4. Vapour ware if you ask me, we haven’t seen a single true thing out of rohan. He only showed a prototype of his claimed slate about 9-10 months ago, claiming great things. We haven’t seen anything solid yet, it is easy to make claims and yes I will buy one if they are true. The Adam will not be released end of November, you just mark my words. rohan has done it before, he increases the hype so people follow. Very very weird psyche if you ask me, but people seem to follow him. We haven’t been told about the probable partners, no proper pre-release demo and lots of things have been said that turned out to be hot air out of rohan’s mouth. does the 12 hour battery life ring a bell or maybe the multimillion investors that have mysteriously pulled out. Vapour ware till proven otherwise.

  5. That Eli was me. I had written and asked about the launch date and prices. This was the verbatim response I got. I am psyched and I hope these dates hold firm. I have also been told that the Android Market will be available across wifi as well as 3G.


  6. @Leo
    Notion Ink is, for all the hype around the product, just a startup. You can’t expect Apple-like secrecy and launch events with this company. Also, you are being too harsh on the delays. If the world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer (who also happens to be the second biggest company in the US) could delay a white variant of their phone by a year or probably even cancel it, you should be able to understand how things are for an investor-dependent startup company based in India.

    I don’t think the founder of any company will go to the lengths of blaming the investors for the delay unless that were true. Also, it is not going to be on sale in the US by December and the rest of the countries by January. So yes, you can’t expect to have it by November.

  7. @Eli
    I, on the other hand, wonder if these launch dates could be advanced some how. Most parts of the world finish their shopping by December and so January is not a great time to launch. Also, like Jen says above, it appears NI could lose margins in the UK if they launch in January.

  8. I’m eagerly awaiting the Adam’s release to see if it really is as good as it appears to be. However, like the comments above, a January release date will essentially take it off my purchase list as not only will it miss the Christmas market, it will also be too late for those of attending conferences in the summer break (southern hemisphere). I’ll be purchasing a tablet, and I’d like it to be an Adam, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have that option.

  9. Well looks like the november release date isn’t happening….

    It’s a toss up between one of these and an Aigo N700 at the moment, but the longer I wait the more I wonder if I want to be tied to Googles proprietry software (and then I start to wonder why we didnt have these things years ago running on open source linux…. then I get massively depressed and realise the open source dream that looked so promising only a few years ago is now dead and burried by apple and Google, both willing to reinvent the wheel if it means they get a cut…)

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