Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Available Now

Notion Ink Adam has finally opened up for pre-orders. Sort of. Updating the blog post on the Notion Ink website, Rohan Shravan has said,

“Well! Not exactly now, lets wait for a detailed post in few hours! Those who are extremely interested, go take a look at the properties.”

Alongside this is a picture of the new Adam

Notion Ink Adam Pre-Order

So what does Shravan mean by ‘take a look at the properties‘? Well, looking at the properties on the image gives us this message –

“:) Steps coming your way! Stay tuned! For first 6 hours, the first one will get access and then we all!”

It is still not entirely clear what Rohan Shravan is up to. But now that it is just a matter of few more hours, let’s wait for the detailed instructions that he has promised.

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