Next Batch Of Notion Ink Adam Orders In Two Weeks

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan has revealed that the next batch of Adam units shall open for pre-orders “in a couple of weeks“. Speaking to DNA, Shravan has noted that his company, criticized by many for keeping details about the device too close to the chest, will open all communications in a few weeks time.

Rohan Shravan has also given us a few interesting tidbits about the pre-orders made so far – though none about the absolute number of orders made. According to him a majority of orders were from USA and Europe.

“It’s ratio of 60:40 between US (40%) and Europe (60%).”

Notion Ink is scheduled to give its first live demonstration of the Adam during the Consumer Electronics Show early next year. The company’s CEO has however promised to provide an in-depth video demo on his blog later this week.

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