Notion Ink Adam GPS Mapping Application Demoed

The latest video from Notion Ink demonstrates a third party application from Croatian developer, Mireo. Mireo is reportedly one of Notion Ink’s EAP partners.

The mapping application is pretty original and comes with the ability to track directions between any two places, find places of interest like Hotels, Petrol Station, Parking lot in the neighborhood, save/reverse route directions, etc. There is also voice notification. You can check out a demo of the application below.

Rohan Shravan has also revealed in his blog post that 3G devices will be capable of operating in 2G/EDGE networks. This is particularly important for customers in places like India where 3G networks are not fully operational.

Shravan has also revealed another interesting nugget of information. He has said that that the Adam will be capable of handling SMS messages. He notes that third party developers could build applications that can trigger the tablet to do things remotely by sending an SMS.

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