Notion Ink Adam Launch Delayed Till November?

Adam, the much anticipated tablet PC from Notion Ink may be delayed until November. According to multiple sources, the tablet may arrive in time for the holiday season this year and shall only be targeted at a few countries to begin with.

This can be pretty disastrous for the India-based hardware manufacturer. Notion Ink is a relatively unknown brand competing against the likes of Apple, HP and several other brands. And one of their biggest selling propositions was the exciting specs that out-classed even the bigger names and which people wanted to see early enough. With the launch deferred to the holiday season, not only is Notion Ink aiming at a season when several other companies are likely to launch their own tablets, but shall also take the sheen off their specs-list which was impressive for a mid-2010 release. Five months down the line, the specs may not be entirely exciting.

With rivals sure to flaunt their big pockets in aggressively marketing their tablets during the holiday shopping season, is it still possible for Notion Ink to create that much anticipated dent in the tablet space? I’m not too optimistic.

[via I4U]

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