Notion Ink Adam Release Dates To Be Announced Soon?

There was (and still is) a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Adam tablet computer from Bangalore based Notion Ink. However, a lot of users who had once been eagerly awaiting the launch of this new device have now turned despondent considering that the company is still not out with the release dates.

But in a recent post on SlashGear, author Chris Davies has announced that the release dates shall be announced pretty soon. In his article, Davies details the several hiccups that the company has been facing with investors and how that has caused a delay in launch – Rohan Shravan, the CEO of Notion Ink has reportedly claimed that but for these hiccups, the company could now be selling Adam in at least 12 countries by now.

Nevertheless, with the issues sorted out, the company appears to be gearing towards launch. Shravan is seen blogging much more frequently which could be an indication towards an imminent launch.

I’m just so eager to see this launch. And hopefully Adam is not priced too prohibitively.