Notion Ink Adam Features Clarified

Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink has given a lengthy interview to Android Police – the website that has led the brigade that questioned the company’s business policies and just stopped short of calling them a scam. In his interview, Shravan clarifies on a number of features, policies and pre-order related queries. While a video demo (scheduled to be out today) is yet to be out, Shravan has given us information regarding Adam’s integration with the Android market, features,etc.

Here are some quotes from Shravan’s interview

On trackpad

” It has been disabled since we need to give a mature solution. The possibilities are enormous on improving the Usability and we want the perfect solution to be made available to the users. We are working on some functionalities and it will only be enabled in next generation devices.”

On integration with Android market

“Android Market makes sense only after Honeycomb which will support higher resolution and bigger screen.”

You can read the complete interview of Shravan here.

Update : Here are two demo videos from Notion Ink up until now

3 replies on “Notion Ink Adam Features Clarified”

It’s 10:00 PM on December 18 in Bangalore right now. Surprise, no video!

It’s pretty safe to say this tablet does not exist, at least not yet.

Well, I am glad that i got to see the TWO videos out on the 18th (granted it is in the United States, but still).

It’s pretty safe to say this tablet does exist, at least, today.

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