Notion Ink Adam Browser Features

Notion Ink has published yet another video – this time demoing the Adam’s native browser application. According to the team, the Adam browser performs much better than the native browsers on the iPad, iPhone 3GS, Droid and Nexus One in the RightWare Mark Browser benchmark test. Also, the browser is noted to perform favorably against the iPhone 3GS, Nexus One and iPad on the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark test.

Besides this, the video demo also takes the user through a number of features available on the Adam browser. This includes

  • Double tap to zoom in (similar to pinch-to-zoom on the iPhone and Android phones)
  • a tab switcher to navigate between all the active browser windows. Selecting a tab can either happen by a ‘tap and select’ or by directly swiping over the tab.
  • Drag over a tab to close it. You can also undo a closed tab from the tab switcher
  • All the browser functions like ‘back’, ‘forward’, ‘refresh’ and ‘bookmarks’ are on the left side of the browser
  • ‘Double touch’ to zoom while you scroll
  • Get a list of menu items by a ‘double tap and drag up’. The menu will give you options to view bookmarks, history, crop, find, select text, view downloads, browser settings, page info and kill browser
  • The ‘Panel view’ lets users check out all open tabs along vertical panels

You can check out a complete walk-through below. Do let us know how you find these features in the comments below.